MoDOT Archived Solicitation and Selection Information





Job No. & Solicitation Post Date Expiration Date Location/Description: Consultant Short List Selection: Consultant Selection: Additional Links:
J2P3357 8/17/20 9/11/20 J2P3357 Route 79, Marion County, J2P3357, Replacement of Existing Bridge No. A-1044 (Hannibal Viaduct)     A1044 Hannibal Viaduct
J4P3352, J4I3222 8/12/20 9/21/20 J4P3352, J4I3222 Pavement Resurfacing and guardrail Improvements Route 50 from I-470 to Route AA, I-70 from Route 7 to Horseshoe Creek Bridge     J4P3352, J4I3222 Scope of Service
J5S3411 4/17/20 Removed J5S3411, Boone County, Route I-70/63 Interchange Improvements     **Canceled 4/22/20**
J6I3526, J6I3527 4/2/20 4/16/20 J6I3526, J6I3527 Corridor Improvements, Interchange Improvements, Along I-55, US 67, and Various Other Locations      
J2S3318 J1S0596 4/2/20 4/15/20 J2S3318 J1S0596, Locations Throughout the Northeast and Northwest Districts, Bridge Replacements of up to 41 Bridges   Crawford, Murphy, & Tilley, Inc. (CMT)  
J2S3318, J1S0596 Farm Bridge Program Addendum 1 Posted 4/9/20
J6S3402 4/1/20 4/20/20 J6S3402, Franklin County, Route AF, New Signals and Lighting   HR Green  
J6P3436 3/26/20 4/10/20 J6P3436 Franklin County, US Route 50, Pavement Resurfacing, Guardrail Upgrades, Drainage pipe Replacement and ADA Transition Plan  


Access Engineering

J7S3421, J7S3395 3/12/20 3/26/20 J7S3421, J7S3395 Stone, Taney, Various Routes, ADA Improvements   TREKK Design Group  
J9P3663, J9P3751, J9P3661 3/11/20 3/31/20 J9P3663, J9P3751, J9P3661 Route 67, Butler County (Future I-57),
US 67 in Butler County from Interchange at Route 160 to 0.25 Miles South of County Road 272
  Crawford, Murphy, & Tilley, Inc. (CMT)  
J9P3585 1/27/20 2/18/20 J9P3585, Bridge Inspection and Roadway and Bridge Plans to Repair Bridge L0135, MO 51 over the Mississippi River   HDR Engineering, Inc  



1/21/20 2/7/20 J2P3090, Montgomery County, Route 19/I-70, Replacement of Existing Bridge No. A-0986 Including Required Modifications to the Interchange Ramps and I-70 Outer Road Connections   Jacobs Engineering Group J2P3090 Alternative Report posted 1/23/20
J6S3240, J6S3421 1/27/20 2/11/20 J6S3240, J6S3421, Jefferson County, West Outer Road I-55 Pavement Resurfacing, Guardrail Upgrades,  and Pedestrian Facility Upgrades   CMT  
Aerial and Mobile LiDAR Mapping and Surveying Services 1/9/20 1/23/20 2020 Aerial and Mobile LiDAR Mapping and Surveying Services

Bartlett & West, Inc.

Wilson and Company, Inc.

Bartlett & West, Inc.  
J2S0416, J2P2193, J2P0791, J2P3197 12/9/19 1/8/20 Various Counties, Various Routs, 3 Bridge Replacements and a Bridge Redeck   Bacon Farmer Workman Engineering & Testing (BFW)  
J6I3149, J6I3187, J6I3427, 12/3/19 12/20/19 Route I-55 in St. Louis City and St. Louis County from Lindbergh Blvd to I-44, Pavement Rehabilitation and Bridge Rehabilitation   Jacobs Engineering  
LPA Oversight of Local Public Agency 11/25/19 12/10/19 Oversight of Local Public Agency (LPA) NEPA, Environmental Resource, and Section 106 Compliance




J4I3125 J4I3127 J4P3260 J4P3249 11/25/19 12/12/19 Routes I-70, I 29, and MO 291, Pavement Resurfacing, Construction and Materials Testing and Inspection.   SK Design Group  
J4S3210 J3I3046  J3P3111 J4P3215  J4P3276 11/25/19 12/12/19 MO 7, I 70, US 50, US 169 and MO 92, Pavement Resurfacing Construction, Materials Testing and Inspection   Bartlett and West  
J6S3404 11/21/19 12/11/19 St. Louis County, bridge on Midland Blvd over I-170 and Lackland Ave. Over I-170, Redeck and rehab bridges   George Butler Associates  
J5P3332 J5S3350 J5S3416 11/15/19 12/6/19 Various Routes, Various Counties, Bridge Replacement and Bridge Redeck   HDR  
J2S3272 11/15/19 12/6/19 J2S3272 I-44 in St. Louis City at Broadway, Bridge Replacement (A0134)   Horner & Shifrin  
J6P3291 J6I3505 J6S3298 11/7/19 11/22/19 J6P3291 J6I3505 J6S3298 Route 30 over I-44, I-44 and Route 47 Interchange, Route HH over Calvey Creek, Rehabilitate and replacement of bridges   EFK Moen  
J5P3270 J5P3399 J5S3284 J5S3349 J5S3403 J5S3410 11/4/19 11/22/19 J5P3270 J5P3399 J5S3284 J5S3349 J5S3403 J5S3410 Bridge Rehabilitation and Bridge Redeck for various counties and routes   Bartlett & West  
J6I3225 11/4/19 11/18/19 J6I3225 I-70 Eastbound Blanchette Bridge over the Missouri Rive in St. Charles County, Proposed Improvements including bridge rehabilitation and recoating of the structural steel   B&N Inspection & Supply  
J4Q3161 11/4/19 11/22/19 J4Q3161 24/7, 265 days a year, consultant staffing of the bi-state KC Scout Traffic Management Center


Kapsch TrafficCom


Kapsch Traffic Com  
Bundle No 1. J9P3380, J9S3383, J9S3557 Bundle No. 2 J9S3517, J9S3530, J9S33540, J9S3560, J9S3562 10/17/19 11/1/19 Various Routes, Various Counties, Bridge Rehabilitation/Bridge Replacement  

Bundle No 1.

HR Green

Bundle No. 2 Garver

Bundle 1 J1I3271 J1S3061 J1S3136 J1S3203 J1S3058 Bundle 2 J1S3161 J1S3218 J1S3230 J1S3215 J1S3279 J1S3278 Bundle 3 J1S3266 J1S3259 J1S3265 J1S3264 J1P3270 J2S0502 J1S3263 Bundle 4 J1P3106 J1P3107 J1P3160 J1S3213 J1S3253 10/17/19 11/1/19 Various Routes, Various Counties, Bridge Rehabilitation/Bridge Replacement


Bundle 1 - Olsson Associates, Inc. (OEI)

Bundle 2 - Wilson & Company, Inc.

Bundle 3 -  HG Consult, Inc.

Bundle 4 - HNTB Corporation

NW Project List

J6S3445 10/3/19 11/15/19 J6S3445 St. Louis And Jefferson Co, Routes A, 30, 231, I-170 and I-270 Signal Optimization   Lochmueller Group  
The Missouri Highways  On-Call professional services 9/30/19 11/15/19 The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission requests the services of consulting firms to perform on-call professional services     MoDOT On-Call Consultant Solicitation Addendum 1 Frequently Asked Questions
J7P0601 J7P3223 J7S3224 J7I3083 J7S3404 J7P3260 10/10/19 10/18/19 J7P0601 J7P3223 J7S3224 J7I3083 J7S3404 J7P3260 Construction Inspection for listed jobs   Anderson Engineering  
J6S3351 10/3/19 10/22/19 J6S3351 St. Louis County, Rte. 109 at Rte. CC Replace intersection with roundabout   CDI

Route 109 At Route CC Concept Plan

Traffic Analysis & Conceptual Design Report

J2P2215 9/27/19 10/16/19 J2P2215 Business Route 63/Baltimore, Provide Right of Way and Relocation Services   Lochmueller Group  

J8S3160, J8S3175, J8P3129


Addendum 1

9/27/19 10/11/19

J8S3160 Glenstone Ave, J8S3175 Nature Center Way, J8P3129 Route 60, The project will provide operational, safety, and ADA improvements.

Addendum 1 - Please see the revised information in Red - Posted 10/4/19


J6S3399 9/6/19 9/27/19 J6S3399 Route 61/67, Jefferson County, From Route 67 to Route M, Pavement Resurfacing, Upgrade Guardrail and Upgrade  Pedestrian Facilities to comply with the ADA Transition Plan   WSP  
J6S3416 9/5/19 9/20/19 J6S3416 St. Louis County, Route 115, Pavement, Sidewalks (ADA) and signal/lighting improvements   Thouvenot, Wade & Moerchen, Inc.  
J7P3108 & J8P3069 8/19/19 9/3/19 J7P3108 & J8P3069 District Wide, Various Routes, Various Counties, SW District Safety Plan

Burns and McDonnell, Inc.

Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

Lochmueller Group, Inc.

TranSystems Corporation

Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. Video, safety Plan Q&A with Interested Consultants
J9P3305 8/1/19 8/23/19 J9P3305_Environmental Assessment (EA) and Fining of No Significant impact (FONSI) 

HG Consult, Inc.

Quigg Engineering, Inc.

Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions, Inc.

HG Consult  
J6S3273 7/31/19 8/16/19 J6S3273 - St. Louis County, Route P, Resurfacing, ADA Transition Plan upgrades, Traffic Signal Replacement   EFK Moen Job No. J6S2373 Conceptual Study Reports
J6S3281 7/31/19 8/16/19 J6S3281 - Big Bend Boulevard to Barrascksview Road Pavement resurfacing, Signal Reconstruction and Upgrades   CMT
J6S3270 7/23/19 8/9/19 J6S3270 Replace Bridge, Big Bend Road over I-44 Signal and ADA upgrades   Burns and Mc Donnell

I-44_at_Big_Bend_479533_WB Ramps_12-05-2017.xls.xlsx


I-44_at_Big_Bend_479538_EB Ramps_12-05-2017.xls.xlsx



Development of Statewide Freight and Rail Plans 7/18/19 8/14/19 Development of Statewide Freight and Rail Plans

Cambridge Systematics

CDM Smith



Cambridge Systematic Questions and Answers
J6I3195, J6I3263 7/12/19 7/26/19 J6I3195, J6I3263 Route 1-70 St. Charles and Route I-270 St. Louis County, guardrail upgrades, pavement, rehabilitation and asphalt overlay of I-70 from Wentzville Parkway to Lake St. Louis Blvd.   Gonzalez Companies, LLC  
The BEAP Program 7/12/19 7/26/19 The BEAP program provides engineering services to local agencies to assist them in dealing with problems that develop on their bridges.  

Burns & McDonnell, Inc.

Bartlett & West, Inc.

Anderson Engineering, Inc.

Horner & Shifrin

Howe Company, LLC


Poepping, Stone, Bach & Associates, Inc.

Great River Associates-Springfield

Smith & Company Engineers

Civil Design, Inc.

Veenstra & Kimm, Inc.

Garver USA

2019 Airport Lighting 6/11/19 7/12/19 2019 Airport Lighting Package LED Runway Light Installation at Albany, Ava, Bonne Terre, Campbell, Carrollton, Monroe City and Versailles/ Design and Construction Phase Services      
J6S3368 6/21/19 7/8/19 J6S3368 - Franklin County, Route MM, Resurfacing, guardrail, curve realignment at UP Railroad, add shoulders, improve box culverts at Labadie Creek and Purina Branch.   Access Engineering  
J1S3158 6/19/19 7/3/19 J1S3158 - Harrison County, Rte. P over White Oak Creek, Bridge Replacement   Tetra Tech  
J4P3373, J4I3024 and J4I3024B, J4S3375, J4S3380, J4P3009 and J4P3009B, J4I3288, J4S3174, J4S3389, J4S3386 and J4S3290 6/181/19 7/9/19 J4P3373, J4I3024 and J4I3024B, J4S3375, J4S3380, J4P3009 and J4P3009B, J4I3288, J4S3174, J4S3389, J4S3386 and J4S3290 Various Routes – MO 58, Blue Ridge Blvd., Peculiar Dr., Baltimore Ave., US 50, I-70, RT T, 67th St, 53rd St and RT FF.  Various Counties – Jackson, Cass, Clay, Lafayette and Platte.  The projects consist of bridge and roadway improvements, please see attached spreadsheet.  

J4P3373- Wilson & Company Engineering, Inc.


J4S3375-Olsson Inc.


J4S3386- Garver LLC


J4I3024 & J4I3024B - HNTB Corporation


J4S3380 - HDR Engineering, Inc.


J4P3009 & J4P3009B - George Butler Associates, Inc. ________________

J4I3288 - TranSystems Corporation


J4S3389 - TREKK Design Group, LLC


J3S3174 - Bartlet and West, Inc.


J4S3290 - Alfred Benesch & Company

J4S3386 Exist Plans
J4I3024 Traffic Counts
Consultant Meeting Presentation and Sign in Sheets
J5I3358 5/29/19 6/12/19 J5I3358 Cooper County, Route I-70, Replacement of Missouri River Bridge near Rocheport


Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc.


J8S3138 5/28/19 6/11/19 J8S3138 Christian County, Route 160, Plan and participate in public involvement.   Olsson Associates, Inc.  
J8S3159 5/22/19 6/6/19 J8S3159 Greene County, Route 413/US 60, Planning Study of Corridor Route 360 to Route P 


Crawford, Murphy, & Tilly Inc.


J4P3213 5/20/19 5/31/19 J4P3213 Clay County, Route 92 from Liberty Street in Smithville to Nation Road in Kearney   Powell  
J9P3218 & J9P3547 5/2/19 5/16/19 J9P3218 & J9P3547 St. Francois County Route 67, Bridge L0666, and Wayne County Route 34, Bridge J0935   Horner & Shifrin  
J7P3370 & J7S3184 4/26/19 5/17/19 J7P3370 & J7S3184 - Dade, Greene, Lawrence, Polk Counties, Various Routes,  ADA Transition Plan Improvements   Bartlett & West  
J7P3190G 4/6/19 5/10/19 J7P3190G - Greene County, Route MO266, Bridge Replacement over Pickerel Branch K0162   Wilson & Company, Inc.  


J6P3418 Additional attachment

4/9/19 4/30/19

J6P3418- Route/364 and Muegge Road, Capacity improvements on Rtes. 94 and 364, eliminating at grade signal, adding through lanes and reconstructing interchange.

EFK Moen

HR Green


HR Green  


Link to download files

4/8/19 4/29/19

J9P3305 - rehab study on bridges J0420 and G0804 at Current River and Spring Valley, Route 19 at Current River and Spring Valley

J7S3171 3/1/19 3/18/19 J7S3171 Replace Bridge No. H0083 on Route 96 over White Oak Creek in Jasper County   Veenstra and Kimm, Inc.  
J6P3218 2/25/19 3/22/19 J6P3218_Route 340 and I-55 Complete signal system review and optimization including: Traffic Modeling, TCS/Controller Programming, Field Implementation and Adjustment   WSP  
J6P3218 2/25/19 3/22/19 J6P3218_Route 141 and I-44 Complete signal system review and optimization including: Traffic Modeling, TCS/Controller Programming, Field implementation and Adjustment   CBB  
J7S3205 2/13/19 3/1/19 J7S3205 Bridge replacement over Barren Creek 1.25 miles south of Fair Play   TREKK Design Group  
J5S3264 2/13/19 3/1/19 J5S3264 Bridge improvements over Contrary Creek over Contrary Creek   EDSI  
J1I3109 1/22/19 2/1/19 J1I3109-Route I-29, Bridge Replacement over Hopkins Creek, 0.2 mile south of Rte. T near Amazonia   Olsson  
J7P0601 1/11/19 1/31/19 J7P0601-Re-evaluation of NEPA documents including environmental and historic preservation permitting work   CDM Smith  
J7P0601-Additional Information 1/17/19 US 71 Bella Vista to Pineville EIS Reevaluation
J6P3253 1/8/19 1/22/19 J6P3253 - Route 141 from Corporate Woods Drive in Bridgeton to Rider Trail South in Earth City   HR Green  
J5I3000 & J5I3000B 1/4/19 1/25/19 J5I3000 & J5I3000B - Bridge Rehabilitation Rt. I-70 over the Missouri River, 11 miles east of Rte. B in Boonville.   HNTB Corp  
2019 Aerial and Mobile LiDAR 1/4/19 1/18/19 2019 Aerial and Mobile LiDAR, Mapping and Surveying Services

Bartlett & West

Midland Surveying

Bartlett & West  
A019 Aerial and Mobile LiDAR additional Information 1/16/19 Additional Information for the LiDAR, mapping and Surveying Services
J7S3285 12/14/18 1/17/19 J7S3285 - Jasper County, Business Route 49, Project will either widen or rehabilitate existing bridge L0833 or replace it entirely.   Alfred Benesch & Company  
J7S3285 - Addendum 1 12/18/18 J7S3285 - Addendum 1 (Added Construction Plans and Surveying to Consultant Services Required)
J7S3285 - Addendum 2 12/20/18 J7S3285 - Addendum 2 (Updated the website to view the downloaded documents)
J2S3198 12/7/18 12/21/18

J2S3198 - Macon County, Route DD, Bridge Replacement over Bill's Branch Near the Community of Ten Mile

Link for File Downloads



11/8/18 11/26/18 J6I3266 - St. Louis County, Route I-270, Removal of existing bridge coating and re-application of bridge coating.  Existing bridge coating contains lead based paint.   TranSystems  
J6I3266 Addendum 1
J7P3190H J7P3190J 10/22/18 11/5/18 Vernon County, Routes K & BB, Replace Poor bridges Camp Branch/Moore Branch   CFS Engineers  
J9I3125 10/09/18 10/23/18 J9I3125 - I-55 Exit 99, Final Bridge and MSE wall plans (possible ground improvements required) High Mast Lighting Foundations design and PSE.  Final Plans Special and Estimate for 2 bridges, MSE wall abutments and associated ground improvements (if any).  High mast lighting foundation plans specials and estimates.  Geotech and Type, Size and Location Drawings are furnished.   EFK-Moen  
J7P3262 10/1/18 10/19/18 J7P3262 - Kansas State Line to .06 miles west of Route 43, 1.5-inch asphalt overlay with .5 inch cold mill.  Intersection improvement at Route 96 and Route YY with construction of a roundabout.  Other intersection improvements may also be constructed that would include left-turn or right-turn lanes   GBA  
J1S3134 10/1/18 10/9/18 J1S3134 - Rte. YY over Middle Fork Grand River, 0.5 miles north of Rte. W near Gentry, Replace bridge H0617   Burns and McDonnell  
10/2/18   old roadway plans
J8P3032B 9/28/18 10/12/18 J8P3032B - .5 Mile west of Glenstone Ave. to US65, Improve traffic flow and reduce weaving and interchange crashes.  Work can include the operational area of the interchange including the signal and the eastbound off-ramp/Harvard Ave. and the interchange itself.   Crawford, Murphy & Tilly (CMT)  



9/25/18 10/9/18 J7P3210 - Route 65 from 0.4 miles north of Route EE in Christian County to 0.8 miles north of Route 465 in Taney County.  Traffic Study, Environmental Services, Preliminary Plans, Right of Way Plans, PS&E Plans   TREKK Design Group  
J7P3210 Additional information
J4I1597C, J4I3124B, and J4I3126 09/24/18 10/10/18 J4I1597C- Interchange improvements at I- 70/I-435 within the limits of Kansas City. The total length of improvements is 0.76 miles. J4I3124B- Pavement and resurfacing from Manchester Traffic way to east of Blue Ridge Cutoff. The total length of improvements is 1.958 miles.J4I3126- Pavement resurfacing from Rte. 78 to Raytown in Kansas City. The total length of improvement is 2.325 miles   Garver, LLC  
J4I1597C, J4I3124B, and J4I3126 Description of Work


9/20/18 10/4/18 J6I3383 Scoping for replacement of structural signs, including inspection of overhead sign structures   ABNA Engineering  
J6I3383 Description of wok
J5S3240, J5P3241 6/18/18 10/2/18 J5P3241 replace existing bridge S0421 on Route 49 over Dry Fork Creek in Crawford County, J5S3240 replaces existing bridge N0767 on Route AA over Fourche-A-Renault in Washington County   HR Green  
J6S3259 09/10/18 09/24/18 US 61/67 (Kirkwood Rd./Lindbergh Blvd.) to I-270, Resurfacing, ADA Transition Plan upgrades, Traffic signal replacements   EFK Moen  
J6I2222 09/07/18 9/21/18 Route I-64 Interchange Improvements at 2nd Street, Replace Bridge A0838 (Ewing Avenue over I-64), New Bridge with MSE Walls at 22nd Street over I-64, New Ramp F Bridge Connection to Existing Bridge A1501, Ramp # Connection to Existing Bridge A1501.   HNTB  
J7S3194 09/04/18 09/18/18 Route 86, Taney County, at Long Creek, Bridge Replacement.  Phase 1 - Environmental Services, Preliminary Design, Bridge Memo.  Phase 2 – Environmental Services, Geotechnical, Right of Way Plans, PS&E Bridge and Roadway Plans   Burns and McDonnell  
J1P3114 & J1S3156 08/30/18 09/14/18 US 65 & MO 190, Livingston County Bridge Redecking/Rehabilitation   Garver  
J6S3255 08/22/18 09/6/18 Route 340 in St. Louis County from Lea Oak Drive to I-270 CADD corridor Right of Way model with centerline, Land acquisition descriptions, Boundary Location Survey   EFK Moen  
J4S2387 07/20/18 08/3/18 Jackson Count, US 24, Roadway and bridge replacement 0. mile east of River Road over Delaware.   HNTB  

J5S3242, J5S3250




8/17/18 8/31/18 Rte A, Gasconade County & Rte. D, Osage County, Bridge Replacements Rte. A over Third Creek, 4.3 miles South of Mt. Sterlin, and Rte. D Bridge over Mistaken Creek in Osage County   TWM  





8/17/18 8/31/18 Rte. I-49, Vernon County, Bridge A8806 (existing bridge no. A1343) over MNA Railroad, 2.3 miles south of Nevada   H. W. Lochner  




Route I-55, Jefferson County Route A to Route 67

Add Southbound Auxiliary Lane

  HR Green  
J9S3219 06/22/18 07/20/18

Business Route 63 at Two Mile Creek (Thayer), Preliminary Roadway and Bridge Plans, ROW plans, Bridge Foundation Investigation and final project PSE.  MoDOT will supply the survey mapping

Airport Pavement Management Program and Pavement Condition Index Studies 12/29/17 01/31/18 Airport Pavement Management Program and Pavement Condition Index Studies      
2018 State Fiscal Year Freight Enhancement Program 07/17/17 08/10/17 2018 State Fiscal Year Freight Enhancement Program      

I-435 South Loop Link, Jackson County

Design-Build Project

05/16/17 05/30/17

I-435 South Loop Link, Jackson County

Design-Build Project

J4I2006 5/4/18 5/18/18 New interchange at I-35 and 19th Street/144th Street, City of Kearney, in Clay County.   TranSystems Corporation  
J9S3270 & J9S3275



Bridge Replacement Stoddard County, Replace L0738 (J9S3270, new bridge A8763)/ P0056 (J9S3275, new bridge A8751)   EDSI  
J5S3243 06/12/18 06/27/18 Bridge Replacement project of existing bridge number L0194 on Route 100 over the Shawnee Creek in Osage County   Quigg Engineering  



From north of Meramec River to South of Collier Drive, pavement resurfacing, guardrail and ADA upgrades   Bartlett & West  
J2P3090 5/30/18 6/30/18 Route 19/I-70 Interchange in New Florence, Missouri, Replacement of Existing Bridge No. A-0986 including required modifications to the Interchange Ramps and I-70 Outer Road connections.   Jacobs Engineering Group  
J7P3107 and J8P3067



Review and assist with Revising the SW District 10 Year Bridge Priority List and develop our Bridge Asset Management Plan Cost per square foot based on future needed improvements   HDR/Benesch/EDSI  
J6S3289 06/22/18 07/10/18 Route 61 over Joachim Creek, Replace Bridge K0294 with New Bridge A8737, Slide repair north of Herky-Horine road to Joachim Road   Hanson Professional