We require a permit to work on MoDOT's Right of Way for:

  • Construction of driveways
  • Modifications to existing driveways (e.g. proposed changes in width, grade, location, surface type, etc.)
  • Grading or Excavations
  • Landscaping
  • Irrigation installation
  • Utility Installation or Maintenance
  • Tree Removal or Trimming
  • Traffic control
  • And for many other activities on MoDOT’s Right of Way.  Contact your Local Traffic Specialist for permit requirements for your proposed work activity.

To Obtain a Permit for Work on Right of Way: 

  • Find your Local Traffic Specialist:  Northwest | Northeast | Kansas City | Central | St. Louis | Southwest | Southeast
  • Submit an initial on-line request to obtain a permit.
  • An engineered set of (drawings or plans) may be required depending upon the (scope, type, or complexity) of work proposed on the right of way.
  • A traffic study may be required for larger developments or commercial activity.
  • A hydraulic analysis may be required if storm water or drainage is impacted.
  • A traffic control plan may be required for any proposed work on the right of way to notify and guide motorists through your activity area.
  • A surety deposit may be required for some permits, which is refundable once the work is completed and inspected and accepted by MoDOT.
  • Performance Bond ( may be required to insure satisfaction and quality of work.
  • Contact your Local Traffic Specialist for specific guidance on your particular request to work on MoDOT Right of Way.

Once You Receive Your Permit:

  • Call 1-800-344-7483 before you dig to get the location underground facilities.
  • Submit a Notice of Intent to Perform Work to MoDOT, We require a minimum of two business days prior to any proposed lane closures.
  • Keep a copy of the permit and any additional approved plans on the job site at all times.
  • Contact the Local Traffic Specialist in your area prior to beginning work and when work is complete for a final inspection.
  • If a surety deposit or performance bond is required they will be refunded or released three to four weeks after MoDOT has inspected and accepted the work