Subconsultant Requirements

Subconsultant Requirements - MoDOT and Local Public Agency

Subconsultants do not have to be prequalified with MoDOT however, it is strongly encouraged.  Subconsultants must be able to provide:

1.  Missouri's Secretary of State Certification of Good Standing.      

  • To obtain a Certificate of Good Standing contact Missouri's Secretary of State Office is toll free at (866) 223-6535 or visit

 2.  Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to demonstrate participation in the Department of Homeland Security Worker Eligibility E-Verify Program. 

Subconsultant cost estimate requirements:

If greater than $25,000 provide a detailed cost plus fixed fee estimate, an overhead rate breakdown and supporting documentation.

If less than $25,000 provide a proposal letter stating the methodology of how the estimate of costs for the services were developed.

EPG 134.3.5 MoDOT Contracts - Subconsultant Information

EPG Local Agency (LPA) - Subconsultant Information

Subconsultant Invoicing:

Subconsultants with subcontracts greater than $25,000 must either use the standard invoice template or provide all the information in the template to be considered acceptable. 


For assistance, contact Jeffrey Cremer at (573) 751-3705.