The Missouri Department of Transportation provides a numerous amount of maps to assist customers with transportation-related inquiries.  Browse the following list of maps to find the appropriate resource.

Maps may be broken down into categories based on the amount of available information.

Traveler Information Map

Our interactive traveler map shows current traffic or winter driving conditions, planned road work, work zones, incidents, and other travel-related information.  Also available for mobile in...

Official State Highway Map

The latest edition of one of the state's most popular publications, the state highway map, is hot off the press and available to the public at no charge.

National Highway System Maps

Listing of National Highway Maps for the State of Missouri.  Maps are organized by urban area, small urban areas, and statewide.  Select the appropriate map from the list.

State System Maps

State system maps are provided by district, county, and urban area.  Browse the listing and select the appropriate map.

Missouri County Maps

Browse a listing of maps featuring counties in Missouri

Missouri City Maps

Browse a listing of maps showcasing Missouri cities.

Functional Classification Maps

Functional classification, governed by federal guidelines, is the process by which roads, streets and highways are grouped into classes according to the character of service they provide.

Traffic Volume Maps

These maps detail the amount of traffic using Missouri's state highways.  Due to the size of the system - 32,000 miles - the nation's seventh largest - MoDOT produces these maps on a three-year c...

Major vs Minor Route Map

Map that displays Missouri's Major Routes alongside Missouri's Minor Routes.

Project History Maps

Maps featuring the project history of a specific county.

Missouri Regional Planning Commissions and Metropolitan Planning Organizations

Missouri’s Regional Planning Commissions and Metropolitan Planning Organizations map shows the nineteen regional planning commissions and nine metropolitan planning organizations.

Billboard, Junkyard, and Scenic Byways Controlled Routes Map

Map that displays the billboard, junkyard and scenic byway routes that are regulated in Missouri.