Oversize Overweight

The cover of the Oversize Overweight Regulations of Missouri is displayed. It is a publication of the Missouri Department of Transportation.


Motor Carriers who haul loads that exceed Missouri's legal weight and size requirements must obtain Oversize Overweight permits.

OSOW permits outline specific routes and special requirements the carrier must follow, when using the Missouri state highway system.

Starting Monday, Jan. 3, MoDOT Motor Carrier Services will accept applications for oversize overweight loads through our MoDOT Carrier Express online service only. 
Allowing agents to focus on troubleshooting and processing of errant applications is expected to improve permit delivery time and telephone hold time. 

If you are not a regular user of MoDOT Carrier Express, be sure to access your account between now and January. Visit www.modot.org/mce to login or to find a link to obtain a Customer ID and password. We suggest that the next time you need a permit, you call with the login page on your computer screen so our agent can walk you through the process.

Missouri is the last of the upper Midwest states to require electronic permit application. If you have applied for a permit elsewhere, our online system is likely to work similarly to those of other states.


On the holidays listed below, the doors to our Jefferson City office are closed. However, the online MoDOT Carrier Express system is available 24/7.

New Year's Day

Martin Luther King, Jr., Day

Lincoln's Birthday

Washington's Birthday

Truman Day (May 8)

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Columbus Day

Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day


As stated in the Missouri Code of State Regulations,  7 CSR 10-25.020,
during specific holiday periods, oversized and/or overweight loads are
not allowed to use Missouri highways. 

Restrictions begin at noon and
end 30 minutes before sunrise.




Memorial Day 2022 5/29/22 5/31/22
Independence Day 2022 7/3/22 7/5/22
Labor Day 2022 9/4/22 9/6/22
Thanksgiving 2022 11/23/22 11/28/22
Christmas 2022 12/23/22 12/26/22
New Years Day 2023 12/30/22 1/2/2023


(573) 291-4517   

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES  will non-emergency permits be available at this number, nor any other motor carrier-related service. 

Authority for an emergency movement may be granted only after confirmation that an emergency exists by an authorized representative of the permittee who shall be required to furnish information on conditions at the location of the emergency and the name of the company to perform the emergency service. 

MoDOT representatives granting authority for an emergency movement may advise the Missouri State Highway Patrol that the move is authorized and furnish information on the vehicle involved, such as: make and license number of hauling units; axle weights; load dimensions; location; routes of travel; and the estimated time of movement.

Permits for return trips will be issued during regular working hours only. Each unit must comply with the permit regulations' limitations for weight and dimensions.