International Registration Plan - Apportioned License Plate

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In the International Registration Plan, a motor carrier purchases a single, apportioned license plate in their base state. The plate is honored by all states and Canadian provinces. IRP fees are distributed based on the number of miles traveled in each state or province.

When do I need apportioned plates (IRP)?

You are required to have apportioned plates if you operate in two or more jurisdictions and your vehicle(s) meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • the power unit licensing weight is 26,001 lbs., or higher;
  • the power unit has more than two axles regardless of licensed weight;
  • the power unit is used in combination and the said combination is 26,001 lbs. or higher; or
  • the power unit performs commercial intrastate movements in another jurisdiction other than Missouri, regardless of licensed weight.

What forms and supporting documents are required to get an apportioned plate?

  • Motor Carrier Application (See below)
  • Secretary of State Corporation or Fictitious Name papers (if applicable)
  • Title or validated titling receipt
  • Lease agreement, if leased
  • Heavy highway vehicle use tax receipt (IRS-form 2290) for power units being licensed at 55,000 lbs. or higher
  • Missouri county personal property tax receipt or tax waiver for the current tax year
  • Actual miles traveled in each jurisdiction, during current reporting period, with an apportioned plate regardless of the base jurisdiction.

How may I apply for apportioned plates?

  • by mail – MoDOT Motor Carrier Services, PO Box 270, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0270
  • by fax – (573) 751-0916
  • by email –
  • in person – 830 MoDOT Dr , Jefferson City, MO 65109

How long is an apportioned plate valid?

Missouri’s apportioned plates must be renewed every year. When a renewal is successful, the account holder will receive a new cab card. See user guides below for online renewal instructions


Registration Period  
 File by
 Pay by
 Plate Expires  
January 1- December 31  October 1     December 1    December 31
April 1 - March 31  January 1  March 1

 March 31

July 1 - June 30  April 1  June 1  June 30
October 1 - September 30  August 1  September 1     September 30

Late renewal application filing results in a penalty of $100. Late payment of fees results in a penalty of $50 per power unit, to a maximum of $150. 

Applications for renewal  must include:

  • Reporting of actual miles traveled since the prior expiration date. 
  • Submission of a personal property tax receipt listing all vehicles
  • Submission of a Heavy Vehicle Use Tax receipt - IRS 2290 Form

What records must I keep for operation and renewal purposes?

Carriers that operate using apportioned license plates must follow strict Recordkeeping Requirements. Click the link for details.

IRP Frequently Asked Questions


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