Mission, Values and Tangible Results

"Our path forward is simple. We will work every day to improve the condition of our infrastructure and our organization." - Patrick K. McKenna, MoDOT Director

    MoDOT prides itself on strong institutional values. These values represent the fundamental principles and philosophy of the agency. They establish the boundaries within which all department activities will be conducted and can be grouped into three primary pillars:

    • Keep customers and ourselves safe
    • Provide outstanding customer service
    • Deliver transportation solutions of great value
    • Use resources wisely
    • Keep roads and bridges in good condition
    • Operate a reliable and convenient transportation system
    • Advance economic development

    MoDOT Tangible Results

    Tangible Results are what MoDOT's customers expect the department to accomplish. These are the tangible things that MoDOT's customers will see as the department fulfills its mission.

    • Keep Customers and Ourselves Safe
    • Keep Roads and Bridges in Good Condition
    • Provide Outstanding Customer Service
    • Deliver Transportation Solutions of Great Value
    • Operate a Reliable and Convenient Transportation System
    • Use Resources Wisely
    • Advance Economic Development

    MoDOT Mission Statement 

    Our mission is to provide a world-class transportation system that is safe, innovative, reliable and dedicated to a prosperous Missouri.


    Live MoDOT Values

    Be Safe

    I'm Safe. My knowledge, awareness and attitude make me a safe employee.

    What I Use is Safe. I properly use personal protective equipment, procedures, equipment and materials to ensure my safety.

    Where I Am is Safe. My environment, building and job site are prepared and maintained to ensure my co-workers, partners and I are safe.

    My Customers are Safe. I consider the impact, timing, awareness, visibility and flow through work areas.

    So We Go Home Safe. I share safety information with my team and speak up when I see something is unsafe.

    Be Accountable

    I am Responsible for What I Do. I take personal responsibility for completing quality work and honoring MoDOT’s commitments to its customers.

    I am Responsible for My Customers. I follow through on all customer requests and share information that may impact my customers.

    So We Can Be Accountable to Each Other and Our Customers. I work each day to deliver what is expected by my customers and my co-workers.

    Be Respectful

    I Treat My Customers with Respect. I am responsive and courteous with my customers.

    I Treat My Co-Workers with Respect. I value the dignity of every member of my team. 

    So We Build Stronger Relationships. I treat everyone the way they want to be treated.

    Be Inclusive

    I Embrace the Diversity Within My Team. I recognize the differences within my team make it stronger.

    I Consider Other Viewpoints in My Decisions. I seek out opinions that may differ from my own to make better decisions.

    So We Are More Inclusive of Others. I work to make our agency a reflection of the diverse communities it serves.

    Be Bold

    I Embrace New Ways of Doing Work. I will be flexible and support changes that help us all get better.

    I Take Risks and Accept Failure. I will use my failures to identify ways to get better. 

    So We Can Be Innovative in Our Pursuit of Excellence. I will push myself and others around me to not be satisfied with average results.

    Be Better

    I Always Try to Improve My Results. I continually look for ways to reduce the cost of my work while still delivering quality products and services.

    I Improve Myself. I take advantage of opportunities to build my work skills and knowledge.

    I Watch for Ways to Innovate. I take advantage of new products and technology whenever I can.

    So We Get Better Each Day. I approach each day as an opportunity to improve.

    Be One Team

    I am Part of Team MoDOT. I recognize and accept my role in the success of the entire organization.

    I Partner with Others to Improve What I Do. I involve my customers and partners to deliver practical solutions.

    So We Become One Team. Together we can create a great workforce and a great place to work.