Volunteer Pick Up Program

Keeping Missouri Beautiful is MoDOT’s volunteer litter pick up program. Volunteer groups may sign up and perform one-time litter clean up events that are coordinated through MoDOT’s district offices. To plan or request an event, please visit the link below with the required group information. 

Please allow a minimum of three (3) weeks for MoDOT to process a request and for someone to contact you to coordinate the timing of your pickup event.

This program has replaced the Adopt-A-Highway Program, which will be phased out as adopters’ three-year agreements expire through 2026. 


The county where you plan to help pick up litter.

The state route you plan to help pick up litter along.


Provide a numerical estimate of how many people will participate in litter pickup.


Select desired month of pickup.  (Must be at least 3-4 weeks in advance for coordination with MoDOT.)

Volunteer Group Litter Clean Up Details

The Missouri Department of Transportation will provide safety vests and litter bags, collect the bags you fill, and also provide safety instructions. MoDOT staff may propose a nearby alternative location for your pickup if there are safety concerns with your requested stretch of highway. 

The group agrees to:

  • Download and Utilize the Litter Pickup Safety Checklist
  • Pick up litter event during daylight hours
  • Coordinate efforts with MoDOT local staff at least three weeks prior to the arranged date and time for litter clean up.
  • Have volunteers that are a minimum of 14 years old.
  • Adult supervision is required for groups which include minor children, age 14-17.
  • Arrange for parking location for volunteers off the highway.
  • Organize volunteers to work in pairs. 
  • Conduct a safety meeting for all the volunteers with MoDOT prior to any litter cleanup activities.
  • Sign a safety release form with MoDOT prior to any litter cleanup activities.
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Report Litter Pickup

Report your Litter Pickup to Keep Missouri Beautiful or Sponsor-A-Highway Activity.