Bridge Advertisements


Bridge Advertisements have been used to communicate updates to engineering policy, specifications, Standard Plans and Bridge Standard Drawings to MoDOT internal bridge staff for several years.  These advertisements are now available with limited functionality for consultant reference.  As the name suggests, these advertisements are primarily related to bridge design and construction.  Bridge Advertisements are released as needed, not quarterly, and it is recommended for interested parties to sign up for Bridge Advertisements through E-Updates.  Bridge Advertisements will be provided on this site for two years after release.

Bridge Advertisements
AD-10-21-21 Steel Connection Details
AD-09-21-21 Reinforcing Steel Increments
AD-08-12-21 Prestressed Voided Slab Beams
AD-07-29-21 Plain Bearing Pads at Intermediate Bents
AD-07-22-21 Sign Attachment Procedure
AD-07-09-21 BEM (Barrier End Modification) updates
AD-07-02-21 System I Structural Steel Coating Guidelines
AD-07-02-21 Classifications
AD-07-01-21 Special Provisions Updates
AD-06-23-21 Bridge Barrier and Railing Guidance
AD-06-21-21 Barrier Inclusion in Deflection Notes
AD-06-15-21 Prestressed Girders & Beams
AD-05-28-21 Strip Seal & Compression Joint Seal 
AD-05-21-21 Galvanizing Thrie Beam Blockout 
AD-04-16-21 Bolted Field Splice
AD-04-16-21 MSE Walls - Cohesive Soil (C)
AD-04-13-21 Updates to Bridge Special Provisions 
AD-04-13-21 Guardrail Transition for Thrie Beam w/o Blockout
AD-04-12-21 Prestressed Concrete Beams
AD-03-26-21 Finger Plate - Shop Drilling Holes
AD-03-19-21 Design Guidance for Barriers & Rails (MASH)
AD-03-09-21 Standard Plans Reference Guidelines
AD-03-04-21 SEG21-01 Anchoring Barriers Over Precast Panels
AD-03-01-21 New Standard Drawings BEM - Bridge End Modification
AD-02-25-21 Welding Requirements
AD-02-25-21 Galvanizing Sole Plate
AD-02-10-21 Compression Joint Seal Limit
AD-02-05-21 Span Limit for MoDOT Type 6 Girder
AD-02-02-21 Coating Grade 50W Sole Plate
AD-02-02-21 Bridge Width - Errata
AD-01-26-21 Rubblized Concrete for Redecks
AD-01-25-21 Bridge Width
AD-12-21-20 MSE Wall Notes - Soil Unit Weight
AD-12-10-20 Integral End Bent Pile Design Procedure
AD-12-09-20 BSP update: 712 Non-Destructive Testing
AD-12-01-20 Shop Drawings for Expansion Joint Systems - BSP
AD-11-30-20 Shop Drawings for Expansion Joint Systems
AD-11-24-20 Beam Cap FRP Wrap Note - Remove Equation
AD-11-23-20 Wing Lengths & C Bars
AD-11-23-20 Guidance For Reinforcement Callouts
AD-11-01-20 Note A2.9 updated for culverts
AD-10-30-20 MSE Wall Pipe Pile Spacers In Rock
AD-10-29-20 BSP 623 Epoxy Urethane Polymer Wearing Surface
AD-10-29-20 Galvanized Bolt Connections (SEG 20-02)
AD-10-21-20 CIP Pile Axial Load Limits & Wall Thickness
AD-10-06-20 BSP 712 Welding Procedures
AD-10-06-20 BSP 717 Modular Expansion Joint System
AD-09-29-20 MSE Wall Coping Detail Note
AD-09-23-20 Slab Drain Std Dwgs - Note for Coating Galvanized Bracket on Weathering Steel Structures
AD-09-17-20 Pile Uplift Design Requirements
AD-08-27-20 Zinc Coating mil Limits
AD-08-27-20 ASTM F3125 Grade A325 & A490 High Strength Bolts
AD-08-27-20 Anchor Bolt Grout
AD-08-19-20 Cleaning & Epoxy Coating
AD-07-23-20 Standard Drawings BAR02-05 Type D Barrier at Ends
AD-06-09-20 EPG 751.12, etc. Type D & H Barriers
AD-05-21-20 Revisions to Curb Blockout Standard Drawings
AD-05-20-20 LRFD Design Specifications Update
AD-05-13-20 System H Coating of Weathering Steel
AD-05-05-20 EPG Hairpin Bars for Excessive Haunch
AD-05-04-20 Curb Blockout Standard Drawings
AD-04-30-20 Barriers Type H, D, C & B (SBC), Barbill, Approach Slabs
AD-04-20-20 Additional Flexure Reinforcement Between Piles
AD-04-14-20 Fracture Critical Member (FCM) notes
AD-03-10-20 Preliminary Guidance for Structure Type Selection

AD-03-20-20 216-BSP-04 Removal of Existing Bearings

AD-03-02-20 Top Strands for Prestressed Box Beams
AD-02-21-20 Rehabs
AD-02-13-20 EPG 751.6.2.17 Excavation Quantity Guidance Updated
AD-01-15-20 Bridge Approach Slab Standard Drawings & Note K1.5