At Home Training Program

DISCLAIMER: Any training listed below with an * will require you to submit the completion certificate to your MoDOT U administrator for credit.  For videos or any training which does not provide a certificate, a verbal notification is acceptable. 


Emergency Management:

National Incident Management (NIMS)/Incident Command System (ICS):

NIMS Training Requirements by Title.  This is required training for specific job titles, but you can go further into the series, as time allows.



Traffic Incident Management (TIMS) – basic training level, 4.1 hours, 0.4 CEU*

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Provides first responders a shared understanding of the requirements for safe, quick clearance of traffic incident scenes; prompt, reliable and open communication; and motorist and responder safeguards. Learn how to operate more efficiently and collectively.  Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to use a common set of practices and advance standards across all responder disciplines. 


Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA):


Workplace Hygiene and Illness Prevention – 1 course hour, 3 modules*

  • Focuses on what employees need to know to stay healthy in the workplace.  Topics include workplace hygiene and housekeeping, contagious diseases and disease prevention, how to prevent the spread of communicable diseases including COVID-19.

Guidance for Cleaning & Disinfecting – 1 course hour, 3 modules*

  • Introduces the CDC guidance that focuses on cleaning and disinfecting public spaces, workplaces, business and schools.  Learn how to develop, implement and maintain a cleaning and disinfecting plan to keep your workspace healthy.

Ergonomic Hazards in General Industry - 1 course hour, 2 modules*

  • Includes scientific studies of people at work.  The goal is to reduce stress and eliminate injuries and disorders associated with the overuse of soft tissue.  Will help gain basic understanding of the hazards and best practices associated with ergonomics.

Work Zone Traffic Safety - 2 course hours, 2 modules*

  • Discusses important ways to protect yourself, co-workers, pedestrians and motorists in road construction zones.



  • CDL General Knowledge – TC3 course, 3 hours, general knowledge and reminders for all levels of users.
  • CDL Pre-Trip Inspection – TC3 course, 2 hours, general reminders about what parts of the vehicle to check during a pre-trip inspection.



  • Confined Spaces – Cal/OSHA – 0.8 hours, provides information about hazards and control methods that will permit safe work in enclosed areas.


  • Defensive Driving Fundamentals – 1 hour, provide defensive driving techniques to reduce changes of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.  


  • Distracted Driving – 0.5 hours, learn why distractions cause accidents, and how to minimize your exposure to them


  • Deicing – TC3 course, 4 hours, introduction to various aspects of deicing winter roadways such as materials, equipment, and application techniques. Target audience for this training includes all levels of winter maintenance practitioners: operators, supervisors, and mid-level managers, whether new or experienced. 


  • Equipment Maintenance – TC3 course, 2 hours, procedures that all winter maintenance operators should be familiar with in preparing and maintaining snow and ice control equipment.  Recommended for all new operators and for seasoned employees and supervisors as a refresher. 



  • Fatigue Management – 0.4, learn about the signs of fatigue and causes, the risks that fatigue can pose in the workplace, and about specific strategies you can use to help prevent fatigue.



  • Hazardous Material Handling and Storage – 1 hour, information about drum handling, compressed gas cylinders, flammable materials, slings, safe lifting techniques, and safe handling procedures





  • Lockout/Tagout – Cal/OSHA – 0.4, information about control of hazardous energy and work under the protection of a lockout/tagout permit, provide information on lockout/tagout practices and the significance of lockout/tagout devices.







  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – TC3 course, 1 hour, provides knowledge and skills necessary for proper care and use of PPE, covers all areas of personal protection.


  • Pipe Installation, Inspection, and Quality – TC3 course, 7 hours, focused on the three basic pipe materials: concrete, metal, and plastic, contains important instructional material, procedures, and guidance that has been developed to maintain uniformity among pipe inspectors.


  • Proper Plowing Techniques – TC3 course, 2 hours, present the proper techniques for plowing various roadway configurations including two-lane roads, multi-lane highways, one-way streets, traffic circles, and other situations.



  • Scissor Lifts – 0.5 hours, teach you how to inspect your lift and the work area, understand the physical hazards involved in working with a scissor lift, and what the standard safety features of a scissor lift are.


  • Signs and Tags – 0.5 hours, present basic information about the different accident prevention signs and tags with regards to displaying levels of danger and precautions required.


  • Silica in General Industry – 0.5 hours, covers hazard recognition, potential health threats, exposure prevention, and control, and is intended for employers and employees in general industry activities.


  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention – 0.5 hours, describes the nature and occurrence of storm water pollution, its environmental effects, and ways to address this important water quality problem.



  • Trailer Coupling and Uncoupling – 0.5 hours, learn about the safety factors that apply to coupling and uncoupling vehicles and the risks associated with these tasks.


  • Warm Mix Asphalt – TC3 course, 2 hours, overview of warm mix asphalt placement for quality control technicians and inspectors.


  • Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention for Employees – 0.3 hours, awareness about the production of waste and pollution that occurs as a result of everyday actions, offers simple effective tips and strategies that will help to reduce the volume and amount of waste and pollution that is generated by them and their workplace as a whole.



  • Winter Maintenance Management – TC3 course, 2 hours, guidance on best practices for managing the equipment, facilities, material, and staff necessary for efficient and effective winter roadway maintenance.







  • Safe Vehicle Backing – 0.5 hours, learn about the impacts of backing accidents, their common causes, and how to minimize risks of collision when backing vehicles, including company trucks or delivery vans.


  • Safety Data Sheets – 1 hour, provide both workers and supervisors with a better understanding of how to interpret a safety data sheet (SDS), as well as address specific requirements associated with SDSs in the workplace.



  • Scaffolding and Ladder Safety – 0.7 hours, train employees to recognize the hazards associated with ladders, stairways, and the type of scaffold being used at the work site and to understand the procedures to control or minimize those hazards.






  • Warehouse Safety – 0.5 hours, typical hazards you're likely to be exposed to in a warehouse and offers advice on how to protect yourself.


  • Working Alone – Safety Awareness – 0.4 hours, identify the particular risks faced by employees who work alone or in isolation, outlines OSHA rules on protecting lone workers.


  • Workplace Safety – 0.75 hours, outlines OSHA requirements for federal employees, covers essential responsibilities federal government agencies have with regard to creating safe and healthful working environments.


Toolbox Talk Videos:

  • Saw Safety – 5:29, discusses types of saws and hazards of using them and how to avoid injury.*
  • Housekeeping and Fire Safety – 6:35, lays the foundation for accident and fire prevention.*
  • Fall Protection – 5:25, how to prevent work related injuries from fall hazards.*
  • Safe Driving – 4:13, understand the dangers of driving and how to safely commute to and from work each day.*
  • PPE – 7:3, reduce the exposure to a variety of hazards while working on the jobsite.*
  • COVID-19 Job Site Safety – 3:57, protecting all workers with basic prevention measures.* 


Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO):


Mental Health:


ComPsych Pre-Recorded Webinars:


TED Talks: 

Job Description: Maintenance Worker (R01333)

Job Position ID: 4585

Course Name Course Number Course ID Required
Gear Up for New Employee Orientation (NEO) 24494 28392 Yes
Gear Up Supervisor New Employee Discussion 24496-OJT 28513 Yes
Gear Up Building Orientation (OJT) 24497-OJT 29184 Yes

Gear Up SPCC (OJT)

24495-OJT 28749 Yes
Gear Up for Basic Safety 24492 31271 Yes
Gear Up for Basic Safety (OJT) 24492-OJT 28071 Yes
Gear Up for Dump Truck, Radio, & Cargo Securement 24487 31408 Yes
Gear Up for Dump Truck, Radio, & Cargo Securement (OJT) 24487-OJT 28461 Yes
Gear Up for Front End Loader 24488 28679 Yes
Gear Up for Front End Loader (OJT) 24488-OJT 28154 Yes
Gear Up for Tractor-Mower 24490 28393 Yes
Gear Up for Tractor-Mower (OJT) 24490-OJT 28014 Yes
Gear Up for Snow Removal 24491 28013 Yes
Gear Up for Snow Removal (OJT) 24491-OJT 28989 Yes
Gear Up for Work Zone, Flagger & TMA 24489 28230 Yes
Gear Up for Work Zone, Flagger & TMA (OJT) 24489-OJT 28462 Yes
Gear Up for Chainsaw/Chipper (OJT) 24498-OJT 28229 Yes
Gear Up for Zero Turn/Walk Behind Mower (OJT) 24499-OJT 28155 Yes
Powerlift Training 60004 30195 Yes
Advanced Work Zone 24509 27870 Yes
Post Incident Bridge Inspection 24510 30026 Yes
IS-700.B: An Introduction to the National Incident Management System 51108 28244 Yes
IS-100.C: Introduction to the Incident Command System, ICS 100 51109 28049 Yes
EEO-Employee 24307 27981 Yes
Drug and Alcohol - Employee 24308 29058 Yes
Performance Development - Employee 92166 50249 Yes


Job Description: Maintenance Worker (R01301)

Job Position ID: 4603

Course Name Course Number Course ID Required
Gear Up for New Employee Orientation (NEO) 24494 28392 Yes
Gear Up Supervisor New Employee Discussion 24496-OJT 28513 Yes
Gear Up Building Orientation (OJT) 24497-OJT 29184 Yes

Gear Up SPCC (OJT)

24495-OJT 28749 Yes
Gear Up for Basic Safety 24492 31271 Yes
Gear Up for Basic Safety (OJT) 24492-OJT 28071 Yes
Gear Up for Dump Truck, Radio, & Cargo Securement 24487 31408 Yes
Gear Up for Dump Truck, Radio, & Cargo Securement (OJT) 24487-OJT 28461 Yes