Improve I-70

I-70 is the most important transportation corridor in Missouri, connecting the state’s two largest cities and carrying more rural daily traffic than any other route in the state. The 260 miles of I-70 through Missouri have been an engine for economic growth and prosperity.

The safety and economic prosperity of Missourians depends, in part, on an I-70 that grows along with the state and nation. That’s why the Missouri Department of Transportation is working to improve I-70. Today, many portions of the facility are strained beyond capacity and outdated interchange designs which increase delays and dampen economic activity.

Missouri marks the distinction of being birthplace to the interstate with the first interstate project under construction on I-70 in St Charles County between Fifth Street and Route 94/First Capitol Drive. This project broke ground on Aug. 13, 1956. However, being the first also makes it the oldest.

MoDOT has been working for two decades to study options and identify funding opportunities to improve large segments of I-70. This website includes historical environmental studies for the 200-mile-long environmental assessment done in the early 2000s.

Governor Parson’s FY2024 budget proposal includes $859 million for expanding the capacity of I-70 across the suburban areas of Kansas City, St Louis and Columbia as illustrated in this infographic.


Use the interactive map to click on the individual studies, designs, construction or completed projects along I-70.

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The infographic below summarizes what's awarded, planned and unfunded for work along all 260 miles of I-70 across Missouri