Memorial Designation Programs

Missouri statutorily established three designation programs allowing individuals, organizations, places or events to be memorialized along the state’s roadway system.

No section of roadway, bridge or interchange may be designated more than once. All memorial signs and markers remain the property of the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

A fee is charged for participating in the memorial designation program. The payment covers cost of constructing, installing and maintaining the signs or markers. Fees are set by the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission. If the sign or marker is damaged beyond repair or is stolen, MoDOT will replace the sign or marker during the period specified in the program.  

To learn more about each designation program, click the provided links:
  • Memorial Highway and BridgeIncludes two separate processes: 
    • Legislative Process: Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, for designations on the state highway system honoring members of the Armed Forces killed in the line of duty, members of the Armed Forces who are missing in action, Missouri recipients of the medal of honor, emergency personnel killed while performing duties relating to their employment, or state employees killed while serving the state, no fees shall be assessed and all costs associated with such designation shall be funded by MoDOT.
    • Application Process: Designates Missouri highways and bridges after an individual, organization, an event or place.
  • Heroes Way - Designation for Missouri residents, who were in the U.S. Armed Forces and killed in action.
  • Drunk Driving Victim (David's Law) Memorializes any victim killed on a state highway as result of a vehicular accident caused by an intoxicated driver.
a screenshot of the memorial designation map

Memorial Designation Map

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Check our online map for availability of open roadways ready for designating.   

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A route holding more than one memorial is an overlap and will appear in red.