Bridge Special Provisions

Bridge Special Provisions


The Bridge Special Provisions, published by the State Bridge Office, may be used by MoDOT's internal staff, as well as consultants, and may be used by other department of transportation agencies as a reference. The Bridge Special Provisions are to be used as an aid to assist in developing Job Specific Special Provisions for statewide bridge related construction projects.

The exclusive purpose of the Bridge Special Provisions is to provide information as a convenience to those who access it. It is the users responsibility to verify the information presented is applicable to their particular project or situation.

Section Title Date
000 Miscellaneous
  Bridge Special Provisions Listing 02/15/24
  Formatting Instructions for Bridge Special Provisions 08/29/05
  Table of Contents and Title Block for Bridge Special Provisions 02/07/20
102 Bidding Requirements and Conditions

Add Alternate Sections JSP-12-03A (See MoDOT internet Job Special Provisions Site)

104 Scope of Work
  Alternate Structures 04/04/08
  Construction Requirements


  Design of Pre-Engineered Structures for Grade Separations 02/29/08
  Design of Pre-Engineered Structures for Stream Crossings 02/29/08
  Stream Gauging Station 01/29/18
105 Control of Work
  Cooperation Between Contractors 09/02/04
206 Excavation for Structures
  Dewatering 11/10/22
216 Removals for Bridge Structures
  Major Bridge Removal Specials 03/01/04
  Match Marking Removal of Bridges 09/02/04
  Removal of Cathodic Protection System 09/02/04
  Removal of Existing Bearings 03/20/20
501 Concrete
  Rapid Set Concrete Patching Material - Horizontal Repairs JSP-02-10 (See MoDOT internet  Job Special Provisions Site) 01/03/11
  Rapid Set Concrete Patching Material - Vertical and Overhead Repairs JSP-02-01 (See MoDOT internet Job Special Provisions Site) 08/14/19
505 Bridge Deck Concrete Wearing Surface
  Surface Sealing Low Slump Concrete 09/02/04
607 Fencing  
  Decorative Pedestrian Fence 09/05/23
622 Pavement and Bridge Surface Removal and Texturing
  Slurry and Residue Produced During Surface Treatment of PCCP and Bridge Decks JSP-06-05A (See MoDOT internet Job Special Provisions Site) 01/23/19
623 Polymer Products
  Epoxy Urethane Polymer Wearing Surface with Healer/Sealer 10/29/20
627 Contractor Surveying and Staking
  Deflection and Haunching 07/01/21
702 Load Bearing Pile
  Dynamic Pile Testing 04/08/21
  Pile Wave Analysis 02/07/24
  Static Load Testing 01/04/05
703 Concrete Masonry Construction
  Clearance Gauge 09/02/04
  Cold Weather Concreting 09/02/04
  Diamond Grinding 07/01/21
  Form Liners 12/06/16
  Surface Sealing Concrete 09/02/04
704 Concrete Masonry Repair
  Concrete Crack Filler 04/08/21
  Concrete Wearing Surface Repair 02/20/20
  Deck Girder End Repair 09/02/04
  Epoxy Pressure Injecting 09/02/04
  FRP Wrap for Concrete Beams, Piles and Columns 07/25/19
  Half Concrete Filled Steel Grid Deck Repairs 01/28/05
  Shotcrete Concrete Repair 02/02/18
705 Prestressed Concrete Members for Bridges
  Post-Tensioned Concrete I-Girders 09/02/04
707 Conduit System on Structure
  Cathodic Protection System 02/21/06
  Electrical Grounds 09/02/04
711 Protective Coatings for Exposed Concrete Surfaces
  Dampproofing 09/02/04
  Waterproofing 09/02/04
  Waterproofing Membrane 08/19/09
  Waterproofing Membrane - Polyurea 07/16/15
  Waterproofing Prestressed Slab Beam Ends 10/30/08
712 Structural Steel Construction
  Chloride Remediation Surface Preparation 11/30/15
  Cleaning, Lubricating and Coating Existing Bearings 05/29/12
  Coating Galvanized Slab Drains 10/25/05
  Drainage System 07/01/21
  Earthquake Restrainers 09/02/04
  Existing Diaphragm Connection to Flange 03/30/20
  Grouting Short Column Jackets 09/02/04
  Heat Straightening 04/08/21
  Hinge Modification 02/03/14
  Non-Destructive Testing 08/19/22
  Pressure Grouting Long Column Jackets 09/02/04
  Rivet Removal and Replacement 09/02/04
  Slab Drain with Grate 07/02/15
  Steel Grid Floor (Half Concrete Filled) 09/02/04
  Strengthening Existing Beams 02/02/18
  Structural Steel Protective Coating Requirements (use w/ no plans) 10/27/14
  Structural Steel Requirements 11/10/20
716 Neoprene Bearings
  POT Bearing 10/21/10
717 Flexible Joint Systems
  Modular Expansion Joint System 10/02/20
718 Temporary Bridge
  Superstructure Furnished by the Contractor 03/01/04
720 Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall Systems  
  Pipe Pile Spacers 01/11/22
  Temporary MSE Wall System 02/15/24
727 Structural Plate Pipe and Structural Plate Pipe-Arch Culverts
  Pre-Engineered Structural Plate Structures 01/03/08
733 Precast Concrete Box Culverts
  Pre-Engineered Precast Concrete Structures 10/31/07
1081 Coating of Structural Steel
  Overcoating of Structural Steel (System G) 06/09/05