Missouri Operating Authority - Intrastate Operations

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For-hire motor carriers transporting property or passengers in intrastate commerce (wholly within) must apply for authority to operate in Missouri. The registration process promotes motor carriers safety and, because it requires continuous filing of insurance, their economic health.

Who Needs Intrastate Authority?

All for-hire motor carriers transporting property or passengers in intrastate commerce (wholly within) are required to apply for authority to operate in Missouri.

Who is Exempt from Intrastate Operating Authority?

A list of the most common vehicles or operations exempt from obtaining Intrastate Operating Authority is included below. A complete list of exemptions can be found in Missouri Revised Statute 390.030.

How do I get Intrastate Operating Authority?

To obtain intrastate operating authority, you must obtain a USDOT number, complete a MO-1 application and submit proof of insurance.  An annual license fee of $10 is required if a carrier is not required to participate in the Unified Carrier Registration program. Carriers transporting passengers must also submit financial statements and a formal tariff of rates and charges. You must also have system in place to comply with safety regulations.

See below for insurance requirements and instructions on how to apply for authority online. 

How do I renew my Intrastate Operating Authority?

Renew your annual license decal for operating authority by logging into MoDOT Carrier Express at www.modot.org/mce. Find online renewal instructions under APPLY FOR MISSOURI OPERATING AUTHORITY

If you file and pay UCR fees, you are not required to renew your Intrastate Operating Authority.

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