Research Section


We deliver knowledge solutions and innovations so that MoDOT can make informed decisions. Research staff administer contract research to outside organizations to solve organizational challenges.

Research projects are focused on how MoDOT can change processes, products or materials in order to do our jobs in the most efficient and economical manner.

The Research Section falls under the Construction and Materials Division within MoDOT and is located in the Central Laboratory building.

What We Do

We develop an annual research program, focusing on strategic areas such as Safety, Bridges, Pavements, Materials, Geotechnical Issues, Erosion Control, Maintenance, Multimodal Transportation, Best Practices and Customer Satisfaction.

The Research Section is also responsible for other activities:

AMR Leader-Follower System TMA Evaluation

To reduce worker injuries in truck mounted attenuator (TMA) crashes, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is piloting a Leader-Follower TMA system, which allows the worker to be removed from the follower vehicle, in two districts. The objectives of this research study are to evaluate MoDOT’s pilot program for Leader-Follower TMAs, to s...

Methods for Increasing Missouri’s Passenger Rail Business Revenues

This research identifies opportunities to enhance revenue including yield management, creative fare schemes and campaigns, partnerships attractions and institutions. As part of this effort, the authors interviewed overseas rail operators to provide examples of revenue enhancement as well as operators such as Brightline and Amtrak to identify exampl...

Safety Evaluation of Permissive Flashing Yellow Arrows for Left-Turn Movements in Missouri

With over a decade of crash data available since the beginning of flashing yellow arrow (FYA) use, MoDOT decided to objectively investigate the safety performance of the system.  Additionally, they wished to have an accurate inventory of all FYA installations statewide, and a determination of the benefit-cost ratio of the signal system.  A virtual ...

Development of a Geotechnical Asset Management Collection and Rating Program for Missouri Department of Transportation

The Missouri DOT research team, led by Landslide Technology, developed a prototype Geotechnical Asset Management (GAM) program through close collaboration with MoDOT geotechnical engineers and MoDOT’s IT group.  The team adjusted published and commonly accepted categories from state and federal GAM inventory and rating approaches to match condition...

Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Bridge Deck Overlays

This report reviews available research literature and reports on Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) mixtures to recognize best practices of using FRC overlay mixtures and identify products with the potential of being successfully utilized in Missouri. State DOT representatives were surveyed to consolidate the current state of practice as it relates to...

Landslide Monitoring Methods: Application of Existing Technologies to Long-Term and Real-Time Monitoring of Slope Movements

Various landslide monitoring techniques were applied concurrently to a known cut-slope landslide and a previously unknown fill slope failure, both on the Ozark Mountain Highroad (Missouri Route 76) near Branson, Missouri. Both subsurface and drone-based monitoring techniques were employed so that the strengths and weaknesses of the various monitori...