About Traffic Safety

The Missouri Department of Transportation is committed to reducing the number of injuries and deaths on Missouri roadways. As part of the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, the department supports the 2020 Missouri Strategic Highway Safety Plan - a comprehensive guide for reducing fatal and serious injuries on our roadways.

National research indicates that people play a significant part in contributing to motor vehicle crashes. In fact, a study concluded that human factors were definite or probable causes in about 94 percent of crashes, while environmental and vehicle factors contributed to about 33 and 13 percent, respectively. Please do your part to help prevent traffic crashes.

The following summaries of traffic crashes represent only those crashes occurring on Missouri's state highway system. The information contained in these publications is a summary of the crash reports provided to the Missouri Department of Transportation.  Traffic Crash Statistics

These publications are possible only through the conscientious reporting efforts of Missouri law-enforcement agencies.

For more information, please contact Highway Safety and Traffic at 1-888-ASK-MoDOT.