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MoDOT's CADD workspace are provided for consultants, local agencies, and other DOTs in creating a CADD environment which is being used internally.

MoDOT's Real-Time Kinematic Network

Sign up free for MoDOT's Real Time Kinematic Network to increase the accuracy of GNSS positions using a fixed base station, that wirelessly sends out correctional data to a moving receiver.

Featured Articles

Design/Bridge Border File Change - Seal Note Removal


The note located in the seal location (shown below) of the border files is being removed globally.  This is necessary due to a software change we are making for individuals who sign and seal contract plans.  There's nothing that you need to do...

Setting Up New Users for ProjectWise Hosted Environment


1.  Fill out a STARTS request so the user can gain access to the MoDOT network.

2.  Once the user has access to the MoDOT network have them sign into the Bentley Connection Client using his/her MoDOT email address.  Make sure to accept the end user...

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