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ATTENTION:  Most federal-aid projects require the bidder to be Pre-qualified as a Prime Contractor with MoDOT

Please read the bid advertisement to verify the pre-qualification requirements for each project.


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NEW NE District, City of Macon, Macon 2019 Sidewalk Improvements 4/24/19   5/24/19
NEW SE District, City of Farmington Public Works, Grading, Sidewalk, Drainage, Traffic Control and Installation of a Traffic Signal Equipment at the Intersection of W. Karsch Blvd at Walton Rd and Potosi Street. 4/24/19   5/16/19
NEW Central District, City of Lebanon, Floyd W Jones Lebanon Airport, Mill and Overlay Runway 18-36 4/23/19   5/21/19
NEW SE District, The New Bourbon Regional Port Authority, Roadway paving, Dock repair, and Related Improvements Ste. Genevieve County 4/23/19   5/22/19
NEW SE District, City of Bonne Terre, Berry Road Street Improvements 4/22/19   5/17/19
NEW NE District, Monroe City, Monroe City Main Street Accessibility Improvements - Phase 1 4/22/19   5/23/19
NEW Central District, City of Camdenton, Camdenton Memorial Lake Regional Airport, Airfield Pavement Maintenance 4/18/19   5/8/19
NEW KC District, City of Kansas City, North Woodland Complete Streets Reconstruction (Maplewoods Parkway) 4/18/19   5/8/19
  SL District, City of Festus, Festus Special Road District Old Highway A Resurfacing Project 4/17/19   5/23/19
  CD District, City of Camdenton, Camdenton Memorial-Lake Regional Airport, Runway 15-33 and Parallel Taxiway Extension Pre-Grading; Extend Opportunity Road 4/17/19   5/22/19
  SL District, City of Union, N. Christina Avenue Bridge Replacement and Memorial Parkway Bridge Replacement 4/17/19   5/21/19

SL District, City of Washington, Washington Regional Airport, Remark Airfield Pavement Maintenance

4/15/19   5/7/19
  SE District, City of Caruthersville, Milling of asphalt pavement from E. Seventh Street to Lincoln Street full width, manhole lid adjustments, water valve box lid adjustment, minor drop inlet work, concrete repair and asphalt overlay. 4/15/19   5/9/19
  SW District, City of Clinton, Clinton Regional Airport, Rehabilitate Runway 4-22 4/12/19   5/7/19
  SL District, City of University City, Bicycle Facilities Improvements, Phase 3 4/12/19   5/14/19
  SW District, City of Willard, Miller Road Improvements 4/12/19   5/9/19
  SL District, City of Sunset Hills, Lindbergh Boulevard Pedestrian Improvements 4/11/19   5/16/19
  SL District, City of Manchester, Howard George Drive Bridge over Grand Glaize Creek 4/10/19   5/8/19
  NW District, Mercer County, Road and Bridge work on Bridge 20000042 4/9/19   5/6/19
  KC District, Jackson County, South Miller Road Bridge Rehabilitation project in Jackson County 4/8/19   4/23/19
  SL District, City of St. Clair, Paul Parks Drive and St. Clair Plaza Sidewalk Improvements Project 4/8/19   5/9/19
  SL District, Franklin County, Fiddle Creek Road Bridge over Fiddle Creek 4/4/19   5/9/19
  SL District, City of Washington, Building Demolition at 90 Locust Street ~Non Fed Aid Project~ 4/3/19   4/18/19

NW District, City of Cameron, Cameron Memorial Airport, Hangar Rehabilitation

4/2/19   4/25/19
Addendum 1 4/23/19   4/25/19
  SL District, City of Herculaneum, St. Joseph Street Sidewalk Improvements 4/2/19   5/2/19
  SL District, The City of Pacific, Candlewick Lane Street Improvements 4/1/19   5/1/19
  SE District, The Cape Special Road District, Bridge #890027, Bridge Replacement of Existing Bridge on County Road #651 Over Flora Creek - Non-LPA 4/1/19   4/9/19
  Central District, City of Eldon, Eldon Model Airpark, Schedule I - Taxiway Construction 3/27/19   4/25/19
Addendum Central District, City of Eldon, Eldon Model Airpark, Schedule I - Taxiway Construction - Addendum 1 4/15/19 4/15/19 4/25/19
Addendum 2 Central District, City of Eldon, Eldon Model Airpark, Schedule I - Taxiway Construction - Addendum 2 4/23/19   4/25/19
  Howard-Cooper County Regional Port Authority,  Construction of an access road 3/26/19   4/10/19
  St. Louis County, 2019 ITS Program - Advanced Detection 3/25/19   4/17/19
  NE District, Macon County, Long Branch on Kennedy Street Bridge Replacement 3/21/19   4/25/19