Rehabilitation, Surfacing and Widening - RHB

  Description File Name Format
Deck Rehabilitation (deck repair and wearing surface details) Cast-in-place deck on steel or concrete girders RHB01_CIP_Deck_on_Girders PDF DGN
P/C, P/S panel deck on steel or concrete girders RHB02_PC_PS_Panel_Deck_on_Girders PDF DGN
Cast-in-place monolithic box girder bridge RHB03_CIP_Mono_Box_Girder PDF DGN
Cast-in-place voided or solid slab bridge RHB04_CIP_VS_or_SS_Slab PDF DGN
Optional slab cantilever replacement RHB06_Cantilever PDF DGN
Steel Girder and Beam Rehabilitation (strengthening and paint overlap details) Wide flange strengthening RHB05_WF_Strength PDF DGN
Paint overlap RHB07_paintOverlap PDF DGN
Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Wrap Bent Cap Shear Strengthening RHB08_FRP_Strength PDF DGN
Steel HP Pile Maintenance and Repair HP Pile Repair 10x42 RHB09_10x42PileRepair PDF DGN
HP Pile Repair 10x42 w/ Encasement RHB10_10x42PileRepairEncased PDF DGN
HP Pile Encasement 10x42 RHB11_10x42PileEncase PDF DGN
HP Pile Repair 12x53 RHB12_12x53PileRepair PDF DGN
HP Pile Repair 12x53 w/ Encasement RHB13_12x53PileRepairEncased PDF DGN
HP Pile Encasement 12x53 RHB14_12x53PileEncase PDF DGN
HP Pile Repair 14x73 RHB15_14x73PileRepair PDF DGN
HP Pile Repair 14x73 w/ Encasement RHB16_14x73PileRepairEncased PDF DGN
HP Pile Encasement 14x73 RHB17_14x73PileEncase PDF DGN