Winter Snow Shift

Submitted by: Southeast District

Innovation Description and Benefit:

This innovation is a new shift for winter operations. We have decided to work a 12-12 shift instead of the traditional 6:30-6:30. By going to this new shift, the crew leader/supervisor does not have to spend as much time correcting everyone's time at the end of the storm. For our building alone it usually takes a crew leader or supervisor an entire day to go through a storm and correct timesheet from crossing midnights issues. This would equate to approximately $200 each storm for every shed affected. Also, by doing a shift change at noon there is a period of time where the material put out on the roads is going to have time to work while the sun is out instead of being plowed right back off. This would result in less material needed which would be a salt and cinder savings.

For More Information Contact

Southeast District - Maintenance 

Craig Schindler at or 573-517-2857.