C-3PO Cargo Control System

Submitted by: Kansas City District 

Innovation Description and Benefit:

“C-3PO” stands for Configurable Cargo Control & Protection Optimizer. The “C-3PO” is an answer to the problem of containing loose items in the truck bed of work vehicles while making access to them, quick and efficient.  It is a compact cargo control system designed to make tie-downing loads easier, especially when used in partially filled spaces to prevent cargo from shifting during transit. Additionally, it helps to optimize the limited bed space in newer vehicles, eliminating the hazards associated with loose tie down straps that can easily cause trips, falls, strains and sprains. It features a handy retractable strap “button” assembly making it both simple and safer. Utilizing low cost, commercially available “E-Track” tie down components, a system can be installed and configured for either horizontal or vertical application on sidewalls, bed floor or roof as needed. The present system has been in use in two ER vehicles since June 2023 at a cost of approximately $160 per system using kits and straps purchased through Amazon but also available locally through Northern Tool. The kits are configurable in various lengths (4’ 6’ and 8’ sections) with up to a 4,500-pound holding capacity. 

For More Information Contact

Kansas City District - Highway Safety and Traffic 

Hector Ortiz at Hector.Ortiz@modot.mo.gov or 816-889-2137.