Safety Purchase Tracking Application

Submitted by: Central Office

Innovation Description and Benefit:

The Safety Purchase Tracking Application was developed with the intent to: simplify the process of purchasing safety footwear and eyewear; consolidate the statewide purchase history; develop a tool for supervisors and employees to check available safety funds; see updated availability based on recent purchases and employment changes; and ensure faulty PPE is replaced and reflected in the application. This application was developed using Microsoft’s Power Platform. The front facing application was developed using Power Apps. With this, we were able to pull in a multitude of data connections, create a simplified layout that is easy to understand, add security measures to ensure you’re only getting your personal data, and so much more behind the scenes. When selecting a user, it will filter the purchase history and employee info to display the selected employee’s name, their footwear and eyewear availability/funds, safety status, footwear history, and eyewear history. The Safety Purchase data is being stored in SharePoint Online in the Safety Footwear Purchase Tracking and Safety Eyewear Purchase Tracking lists. When new entries are added to either list, it will trigger a workflow to use the employee email to grab the employee’s info from EID and populate the following fields to avoid any inaccuracies: Employee ID, District, and Org #. If any leadership does not have employees report directly to them, they are still able to filter the Safety Purchase lists to perform a manual availability check. By automating a variety of processes, purchasing safety footwear and eyewear has become quicker and simpler than ever, ensuring employees are always protected and able to go home safe.  

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