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Innovation Description and Benefit:

Alecopolis is a hands-on, project-based learning experience originally developed for the 2023 Intern Conference.  The overall purpose is to show what each part of MoDOT does and how all the parts work together for project delivery in a way that is engaging and encourages creativity.  Participants were divided into “core teams” and tasked with developing a corridor improvement project in the fictitious city of Alecopolis.  The project centered around a bridge replacement and intersection upgrades.  The experience took place over an entire day and consisted of 16 breakout sessions administered by MoDOT leaders sharing their division/unit’s role in program delivery, interspersed with team meetings.  The core teams had to determine which of its members were going to what breakout sessions to ensure that they collectively learned about all the pieces of the project.  The day culminated with each team presenting their proposed project and method of delivery.  

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