GIS Asset Mapping

Submitted by: St. Louis District

Innovation Description and Benefit:

A comprehensive GIS asset map is a tool that tracks and displays information on MoDOT assets in real time with high level of field accuracy.  The St. Louis District employed two cases for this solution: safety countermeasures and structural sign inventories.  The maps allow users to interact with the assets and view their details, such as the type of sign or safety treatment, the location, the installation and replacement dates, the job number, and the log mile. The map also displays a photo of each asset when clicked.  For structural sign asset management, this is crucial to maintain accurate information for asset management & ongoing acute maintenance needs. With safety countermeasures it allows us to identify and prioritize the resources and actions that can reduce the risk of accidents or injuries in each context.  We will use this map to compare the locations of safety crashes with the areas where we implemented a safety countermeasure. This will help us evaluate how effective the countermeasure is in reducing the risk of accidents. 

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St. Louis District - Highway Safety and Traffic

Eddie Watkins at or 314-650-5461.