Job Description Library

Administrative Technician (R01022)
Administrator of Aviation (R04880)
Administrator of Freight and Waterways (R04116)
Administrator of Railroads (R04881)
Administrator of Transit (R04882)
Airplane Pilot (R02503)
Airport Project Inspector (R05882)
Airport Project Technician (R01044)
Area Engineer (R05449)
Assistant Bridge Maintenance Supervisor (R01108)
Assistant Counsel (R04190)
Assistant District Bridge Engineer (R05042)
Assistant District Construction and Materials Engineer (R05078)
Assistant District Maintenance and Traffic Engineer (R05077)
Assistant District Maintenance Engineer (R05076)
Assistant Historic Preservation Manager (R06684)
Assistant Maintenance Liaison (R04459)
Assistant Maintenance Supervisor (R01380)
Assistant Right of Way Manager - Certified (R04728)
Assistant Right of Way Manager (R04730)
Assistant to the Resident Engineer (R05082)
Assistant Traffic Liaison Engineer (R05411)
Associate Counsel (R04194)
Audit Manager (R04426)
Auditor (R04838)
Audits and Investigations Administrator (R04134)
Aviation Operations Manager (R04021)
Aviation Programs Manager (R05642)
Benefits Specialist (R04064)
Bidding and Contract Services Engineer (R05757)
Bridge Inspector (R05400)
Bridge Inspection Crew Leader (R01058)
Bridge Inspection Crew Member (R01057)
Bridge Inspection Crew Supervisor (R01054)
Bridge Inspection Engineer (R05858)
Bridge Inventory Analyst (R03564)
Bridge Location and Layout Designer (R05816)
Bridge Maintenance Crew Leader (R01102)
Bridge Maintenance Superintendent (R01053)
Bridge Maintenance Supervisor (R01109)
Bridge Maintenance Worker (R01101)
Bridge Management Engineer (R05875)
Bridge Rating and Inventory Engineer (R05412)
Business Systems Support Manager (R04102)
Business Systems Support Specialist (R04023)
Central Office General Services Manager (R04440)
Central Office Safety and Health Manager (R04601)
Certified Appraiser (R04890)
Chemical Laboratory Director (R04727)
Chemist (R04780)
Civil Rights Specialist (R04039)
Claims Administration Manager (R04644)
Commercial Motor Vehicle Program Manager (R04122)
Communications Coordinator (R04606)
Communications Manager (R04443)
Communications Specialist (R04828)
Community Liaison (R04059)
Compensation Manager (R04634)
Computer Aided Drafting and Design Services Engineer (R05610)
Computer Aided Drafting and Design Support Analyst (R05640)
Computer Aided Drafting and Design Support Engineer (R05083)
Computer Aided Drafting and Design Support Specialist (R03011)
Computer Liaison, Design (R05697)
Construction and Materials Liaison Engineer (R05029)
Construction Contract Administrator (R03119)
Construction Inspector (R05736)
Construction Management Systems Administrator (R04094)
Construction Technician (R01515)
Contract Monitoring Coordinator (R04019)
Contract Monitoring Specialist (R04905)
Core Drill Assistant (R01318)
Core Drill Operator (R01319)
Core Drill Superintendent (R01356)
Core Drill Supervisor (R01370)
Customer Service Representative (R01098)
Data Report Analyst (R04104)
Design Liaison Engineer (R05003)
Design Management Systems Administrator (R04120)
Design Support Engineer (R05025)
Design Technician (R01517)
District Bridge Engineer (R05453)
District Construction and Materials Engineer (R05080)
District Construction Liaison (R05659)
District Design Engineer (R05452)
District Design Liaison (R05893)
District Final Plans and Reports Processor (R03133)
District Information Systems Manager (R04458)
District Land Survey Manager (R02016)
District Maintenance and Traffic Engineer (R05081)
District Maintenance Engineer (R05072)
District Office Services Supervisor (R03010)
District Planning Manager (R05462)
District Safety and Health Manager (R04051)
District Traffic Engineer (R05450)
District Utilities Engineer (R05755)
District Utilities Manager (R03461)
Diversity and Inclusion Specialist (R04136)
Division Administrative Support Supervisor (R01147)
Emergency Maintenance Equipment Operator (R09979)
Emergency Management Coordinator (R04255)
Emergency Management Liaison (R04140)
Emergency Management Specialist (R04506)
Employee Benefits Manager (R04115)
Employee Development Manager (R04442)
Employee Development Specialist (R04011)
Employment Manager (R04633)
Environmental and Historic Preservation Manager (R06608)
Environmental Chemist (R04411)
Environmental Compliance Manager (R04665)
Environmental Specialist - Safety Sensitive (R04126)
Environmental Specialist (R04052)
Equal Opportunity and Diversity Manager (R04588)
Equipment Technician (R02017)
Equipment Technician Supervisor (R02020)
Equipment Technician Support Specialist (R03514)
Estimate and Review Engineer (R05010)
Estimator (R05758)
Executive Assistant (R01026)
External Civil Rights Manager (R04123)
Fabrication Operations Engineer (R05865)
Fabrication Technician (R03057)
Facility Operations Crew Worker (R01306)
Facility Operations Specialist (R02006)
Facility Operations Supervisor (R02005)
Field Acquisition Coordinator (R03398)
Field Acquisition Technician (R02363)
Field Materials Engineer (R05768)
Final Plans Reviewer (R03149)
Financial Services Administrator (R04050)
Financial Services Coordinator (R04121)
Financial Services Manager (R04724)
Financial Services Specialist (R04632)
Financial Services Technician (R01027)
General Laborer (R01099)
General Services Manager (R04089)
General Services Specialist (R04008)
General Services Technician (R01031)
Geographic Information System Specialist (R04408)
Geologist (R05459)
Geotechnical Director (R05823)
Geotechnical Engineer (R05822)
Geotechnical Specialist (R05824)
Governmental Relations Specialist (R04070)
Highway Designer (R05776)
Highway Safety Program Administrator (R04047)
Highway Safety Program Manager (R04623)
Historic Preservation Manager (R06689)
Historic Preservation Specialist - Nonsafety Sensitive (R04135)
Historic Preservation Specialist (R04071)
Human Resources Administrator (R04866)
Human Resources Manager (R04897)
Human Resources Specialist (R04849)
Human Resources Technician (R01029)
Incident Management Coordinator (R01020)
Information Systems Project Manager (R04060)
Information Systems Supervisor (R04067)
Information Systems Technician (R01074)
Information Systems Technologist (R04695)
Information Systems Technology Specialist (R04110)
Intermediate Airport Project Inspector (R05883)
Intermediate Auditor (R04779)
Intermediate Benefits Specialist (R04066)
Intermediate Bridge Inspection Crew Member (R01056)
Intermediate Bridge Inspector (R05401)
Intermediate Bridge Maintenance Worker (R01106)
Intermediate Chemist (R04072)
Intermediate Civil Rights Specialist (R04040)
Intermediate Communications Specialist (R04477)
Intermediate Computer Aided Drafting and Design Support Specialist (R03566)
Intermediate Construction Inspector (R05626)
Intermediate Construction Technician (R01589)
Intermediate Core Drill Assistant (R01369)
Intermediate Data Report Analyst (R04106)
Intermediate Design Technician (R01534)
Intermediate Diversity and Inclusion Specialist (R04137)
Intermediate Emergency Management Specialist (R04507)
Intermediate Employee Development Specialist (R04012)
Intermediate Environmental Specialist - Safety Sensitive (R04127)
Intermediate Environmental Specialist (R04053)
Intermediate Equipment Technician (R02018)
Intermediate Field Acquisition Technician (R02267)
Intermediate Financial Services Specialist (R04617)
Intermediate General Services Specialist (R04445)
Intermediate Geographic Information System Specialist (R04409)
Intermediate Geotechnical Specialist (R05027)
Intermediate Governmental Relations Specialist (R04647)
Intermediate Highway Designer (R05629)
Intermediate Historic Preservation Specialist - Non-safety Sensitive (R04133)
Intermediate Historic Preservation Specialist (R04073)
Intermediate Human Resources Specialist (R04605)
Intermediate Information Systems Technician (R01075)
Intermediate Information Systems Technologist (R04029)
Intermediate Investigator (R04005)
Intermediate Maintenance Engineering Specialist (R05104)
Intermediate Maintenance Operations Specialist (R04542)
Intermediate Maintenance Technician (R01065)
Intermediate Maintenance Worker (R01301)
Intermediate Materials Inspector (R05771)
Intermediate Materials Specialist (R05651)
Intermediate Materials Technician (R01593)
Intermediate Motor Carrier Agent (R01213)
Intermediate Multimodal Operations Specialist (R04074)
Intermediate Multimodal Operations Technician (R01495)
Intermediate Organizational Performance Analyst (R04062)
Intermediate Paralegal (R04085)
Intermediate Pavement Specialist (R05019)
Intermediate Planning Technician (R01038)
Intermediate Procurement Agent (R04103)
Intermediate Project Development Specialist (R05086)
Intermediate Project Reviewer (R05035)
Intermediate Rail Safety Specialist (R01274)
Intermediate Research Analyst (R05015)
Intermediate Right of Way Specialist (R04456)
Intermediate Risk Management Specialist (R04878)
Intermediate Roadside Management Specialist (R04131)
Intermediate Safety Specialist (R04465)
Intermediate Structural Designer (R05630)
Intermediate Structural Technician (R03543)
Intermediate Survey Technician (R02012)
Intermediate System Management Specialist (R04585)
Intermediate Systems Technologist (R04029)
Intermediate Traffic Signal and Lighting Technician (R02350)
Intermediate Traffic Studies Specialist - Non-safety Sensitive (R05040)
Intermediate Traffic Studies Specialist (R05475)
Intermediate Traffic Technician (R01595)
Intermediate Traffic Technician - Non-Safety Sensitive (R01443)
Intermediate Transportation Planner (R04201)
Investigation Manager (R04016)
Investigator (R04003)
Land Survey Coordinator (R02015)
Land Survey Supervisor (R02582)
Land Surveyor (R02583)
Land Surveyor in Training (R02014)
Lead Field Acquisition Technician (R02362)
Lead Information Systems Technologist (R04600)
Legal Assistant (R03047)
Legal Office Manager (R04088)
Maintenance Crew Leader (R01061)
Maintenance Engineering Specialist (R05103)
Maintenance Liaison (R04460)
Maintenance Liaison Engineer (R05765)
Maintenance Management System Administrator (R04203)
Maintenance Operations Specialist (R04541)
Maintenance Superintendent (R01330)
Maintenance Supervisor (R01379)
Maintenance Technician (R01064)
Maintenance Worker (R01333)
Materials Inspector (R05787)
Materials Specialist (R05781)
Materials Technician (R01592)
Materials Testing Specialist (R01071)
Materials Testing Supervisor (R01070)
Motor Carrier Agent (R01007)
Motor Carrier Compliance Supervisor (R03238)
Motor Carrier Investigations Specialist (R04045)
Motor Carrier Project Manager (R04118)
Motor Carrier Services Administrator (R04035)
Motor Carrier Services Program Manager (R04036)
Motor Carrier Services System and Training Analyst (R03018)
Motor Carrier Technician (R01040)
Motorist Assistance Operations Supervisor (R01307)
Motorist Assistance Operator (R01392)
Motorist Assistance Shift Supervisor (R01393)
Multimodal Operations Grants Manager (R04257)
Multimodal Operations Specialist (R04076)
Multimodal Operations Technician (R01494)
Office Assistant (R01025)
Off-System Plans Reviewer (R05649)
Organizational Performance Analyst (R04063)
Organizational Performance Specialist (R06006)
Outdoor Advertising Manager (R04431)
Outdoor Advertising Permit Specialist (R04112)
Outdoor Advertising Specialist (R04467)
Outdoor Advertising Technician (R01587)
Outreach Coordinator (R04027)
Paralegal (R04084)
Pavement Engineer (R05446)
Pavement Specialist (R05021)
Physical Laboratory Director (R05797)
Planning and Programming Coordinator (R04205)
Planning Technician (R01037)
Policy and Innovation Program Manager (R04142)
Policy and Innovations Engineer (R05044)
Printing Technician (R01193)
Procurement Agent (R04427)
Professional Services Coordinator (R04464)
Project Development Specialist (R05085)
Project Reviewer (R05036)
Rail Safety Specialist (R01273)
Railroad Operations Manager (R04033)
Railroad Projects Manager (R05614)
Railroad Safety Inspector (R01092)
Research Analyst (R05017)
Research Director (R05288)
Research Engineer (R05013)
Resident Engineer (R05809)
Right of Way Liaison (R04861)
Right of Way Manager (R04752)
Right of Way Specialist (R04699)
Right of Way Technician (R01019)
Risk Management Specialist (R04422)
Risk Management Technician (R01033)
Roadside Design Specialist (R05456)
Roadside Management Specialist (R04130)
Roadside Manager (R04664)
Safety and Claims Manager (R04129)
Safety Specialist (R04603)
Senior Administrative Technician (R01023)
Senior Airport Project Inspector (R05884)
Senior Associate Counsel (R04193)
Senior Auditor (R04628)
Senior Benefits Specialist (R04065)
Senior Bridge Inspection Crew Member (R01055)
Senior Bridge Inspector (R05041)
Senior Bridge Maintenance Worker (R01107)
Senior Chemist (R04087)
Senior Civil Rights Specialist (R04041)
Senior Communications Specialist (R04607)
Senior Computer Aided Drafting and Design Support Specialist (R03012)
Senior Construction Inspector (R05813)
Senior Construction Technician (R01516)
Senior Core Drill Assistant (R01317)
Senior Customer Service Representative (R01084)
Senior Data Report Analyst (R04107)
Senior Design Technician (R01591)
Senior Diversity and Inclusion Specialist (R04138)
Senior Emergency Management Specialist (R04508)
Senior Employee Development Specialist (R04009)
Senior Environmental Specialist - Safety Sensitive (R04128)
Senior Environmental Specialist (R04054)
Senior Equipment Technician (R02019)
Senior Estimator (R05037)
Senior Executive Assistant (R01146)
Senior Executive Assistant to the Director (R01085)
Senior Fabrication Technician (R03536)
Senior Facility Operations Crew Worker (R01391)
Senior Facility Operations Specialist (R02007)
Senior Field Acquisition Technician (R02021)
Senior Financial Services Specialist (R04740)
Senior Financial Services Technician (R01028)
Senior General Services Specialist (R04007)
Senior General Services Technician (R01032)
Senior Geographic Information System Specialist (R04078)
Senior Geotechnical Specialist (R05773)
Senior Governmental Relations Specialist (R04010)
Senior Highway Designer (R05814)
Senior Historic Preservation Specialist - Non-safety Sensitive (R04124)
Senior Historic Preservation Specialist (R04079)
Senior Human Resources Specialist (R04862)
Senior Human Resources Technician (R01030)
Senior Information Systems Technician (R01088)
Senior Information Systems Technologist (R04696)
Senior Investigator (R04001)
Senior Maintenance Engineering Specialist (R05105)
Senior Maintenance Operations Specialist (R04543)
Senior Maintenance Technician (R01066)
Senior Maintenance Worker (R01335)
Senior Materials Inspector (R05772)
Senior Materials Specialist (R05623)
Senior Materials Technician (R01501)
Senior Motor Carrier Agent (R01287)
Senior Motor Carrier Technician (R01041)
Senior Multimodal Operations Specialist (R04080)
Senior Multimodal Operations Technician (R01496)
Senior Organizational Performance Analyst (R04061)
Senior Outdoor Advertising Permit Specialist (R04113)
Senior Outdoor Advertising Technician (R01083)
Senior Paralegal (R04081)
Senior Pavement Specialist (R05023)
Senior Planning Technician (R01039)
Senior Printing Technician (R01289)
Senior Procurement Agent (R04101)
Senior Project Development Specialist (R05087)
Senior Project Reviewer (R05034)
Senior Rail Safety Specialist (R01004)
Senior Railroad Safety Inspector (R01005)
Senior Research Analyst (R05014)
Senior Right of Way Specialist (R04698)
Senior Right of Way Technician (R01046)
Senior Risk Management Specialist (R04692)
Senior Risk Management Technician (R01034)
Senior Roadside Management Specialist (R04870)
Senior Safety Specialist (R04466)
Senior Structural Designer (R05818)
Senior Structural Engineer (R05056)
Senior Structural Technician (R03059)
Senior Supply Agent (R01073)
Senior Survey Technician (R02013)
Senior System Management Specialist (R04712)
Senior System Management Technician (R01036)
Senior Traffic Signal and Lighting Technician (R02008)
Senior Traffic Specialist - Non-safety Sensitive (R03024)
Senior Traffic Specialist (R03028)
Senior Traffic Studies Specialist - Non-safety Sensitive (R05033)
Senior Traffic Studies Specialist (R05754)
Senior Traffic Systems Operator (R01015)
Senior Traffic Technician - Non-safety Sensitive (R01113)
Senior Traffic Technician (R01596)
Senior Transportation Enforcement Investigator (R04038)
Senior Transportation Planner (R04202)
Standards Specialist (R05043)
State Safety Coordinator (R04256)
Stormwater Compliance Coordinator (R04132)
Structural Analyst (R03058)
Structural Designer (R05834)
Structural Development and Support Engineer (R05831)
Structural Hydraulics and Preliminary Design Engineer (R05430)
Structural Liaison Engineer (R05737)
Structural Project Manager (R05476)
Structural Resource Manager (R05471)
Structural Review Engineer (R05032)
Structural Specialist (R03414)
Structural Technician (R03544)
Supervising Bridge Inspection Engineer (R05009)
Supply Office Assistant (R01042)
Survey Technician (R02011)
System Management Specialist (R04372)
System Management Technician (R01035)
Traffic Center Manager (R05024)
Traffic Incident Manager (R04516)
Traffic Liaison Engineer (R05018)
Traffic Management and Operations Engineer (R05026)
Traffic Operations Engineer (R05667)
Traffic Operations Supervisor (R03586)
Traffic Safety Engineer (R05039)
Traffic Signal and Lighting Technician (R02381)
Traffic Specialist (R03522)
Traffic Studies Specialist - Non-safety Sensitive (R05031)
Traffic Studies Specialist (R05851)
Traffic Supervisor (R02009)
Traffic Systems Operator (R01081)
Traffic Systems Supervisor (R01082)
Traffic Technician (R01594)
Traffic Technician - Non-Safety Sensitive (R01442)
Training Accountability & Oversight Coordinator (R04254)
Transportation Data Analyst (R04639)
Transportation Enforcement Investigations Supervisor (R04042)
Transportation Enforcement Investigator (R04037)
Transportation Management Systems Administrator (R04099)
Transportation Planner (R04200)
Transportation Planning Coordinator (R04204)
Transportation Planning Specialist (R04082)
Transportation Project Designer (R05748)
Transportation Project Manager (R05444)
Transportation System Analysis Coordinator (R04441)
Urban Traffic Supervisor (R01103)
Wetland Coordinator (R04086)