Preferred Employee Qualities

Team Player

Team Player Qualities

Team player means getting along with and supporting others.

It also means:

Organization / Public Servant Qualities

This means the employee has a sense of loyalty/commitment to the organization.

as might be demonstrated by:
personal qualities

Personal Qualities

These are internal and are not limited to work situations, but how people might lead and conduct their daily lives in all situations they come across.

Personal qualities MoDOT looks for:

Interpersonal Relationship Attributes

These qualities can impact the ability to relate and work with others.

Interpersonal Relationship Attributes MoDOT looks for:
work qualities

Work Qualities

These qualities result from the values a person has but can be acquired/developed based upon work and life experiences and circumstances.  Therefore, unlike values, they may or may not always be demonstrated through actions and words.

Work Qualities MoDOT looks for: