Winter Event Remote EOC Tracking Process

Submitted by: St. Louis District 

Innovation Description and Benefit:

Winter Event Remote EOC Tracking is a process using the OneNote application as an electronic, online database to track customers calling into MoDOT to report issues on the roadway during a winter event.  This database is utilized by the TMC floor staff and Maintenance staff to communicate and document potential problem areas on the roadway (i.e., time reported, location, issue). Maintenance staff then uses this information to communicate to field crews via radio/phone call to respond and address the problem area. 

This new process allowed us to streamline our communication remotely between Maintenance staff working at home for planned EOC activation.  However, it also saved time on mobilizing additional staffing if Maintenance needed to staff up for a non-planned event if the TMC was getting overwhelmed with customer calls and Maintenance needed to talk over the dispatching of field crews. Maintenance staff were able to jump on the computer at home to assist, saving travel time to the TMC.  With everything being saved electronic by storm and date, it became a one-stop shop for going to get information as needed for Sunshine request, questions of the event, etc. versus having to dig through piles of paperwork.


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St. Louis District - Maintenance 

Arisa Prapaisilp at or 314-370-4504.