MMS Work Plan Progress & Budget

Submitted by: Central Office 

Innovation Description and Benefit:

The Maintenance Management System has two new modules: Work Plans and Budget that were part of MMS Phase 2. Each module has a major component that is helping change the way MoDOT does business.  You will learn how easily you can find critical data with a few clicks of a mouse!  

The new MMS Work Plan module gives the district’s the ability to plan out three years of maintenance activities.  At no point in the history of MoDOT have we had a single point of data entry, or the ability to view work plans from across the state.  Users can watch plans progress from draft status all the way through to them being approved by the State Maintenance Director for submittal to FHWA.  MMS Work Plans should help us increase the amount of work submitted for reimbursement and increase the confidence that FHWA has in our plan submittals.  In 2021, Districts planned over $120 million worth of work.  In 2022, that increased to over $150 million.  In addition, we feel this will make us more efficient with our materials procurement, equipment purchases, and employee utilization. 

The new Budget module pulls in the BRASS budget totals and gives District Maintenance Engineers and Superintendents the ability to distribute it out to the Orgs by Activity Classes.  The budget lines display the estimated material costs along with the documented material costs.  In addition, the records show users the SAMII encumbered and expenditures totals for each activity class.  Lastly, the percentage of budget remaining is also shown.  This allows maintenance leadership to quickly view budget information and better manage their Orgs.


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