New Hire Field Inspection Report

Submitted by: Kansas City District

Innovation Description and Benefit:

A printable and/or fillable field inspection form that can be used by consultant inspectors in the field in the MoDOT Inspector’s absence. This form can also be used for training purposes to help new Inspectors and Construction Technicians learn what is expected when performing field inspections or writing DWRs.

This form simplifies work because it shows the consultant inspectors exactly what is expected of them when the MoDOT Inspector is absent. This form can train new inspectors and construction technicians by listing what is expected when performing a field inspection or monitoring a work zone. This would shorten the time required for new hires need to learn the position and allow them to become more useful to the team. 


For More Information Contact

Kansas City District - Construction and Materials 

Joel Woodward at or 816-927-9412.