EPIC Enhancement

Submitted by: Central Office 

Innovation Description and Benefit:

MoDOT is required to have an independent certified public accountant perform an audit of its financial statements every year. The financial statements include the value of MoDOT inventories, which Financial Services estimates during its annual physical inventory. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Financial Services wanted to accomplish the inventory count as safely as possible, while still meeting the requirements of the audit. The goal was to limit exposure between employees and also be able to account for any MoDOT equipment that employees were using while working remotely.

The Remote Image Upload Feature enhancement to the EPIC system allows financial services staff to perform the verification process remotely by viewing and approving the images via the EPIC application. Benefits of this new feature include improves the accuracy of the physical inventory process; easier approval process; allows users who are using MoDOT equipment remotely to easily participate in physical inventory; having the images of fixed assets saved to the system allows us to quickly verify the condition of fixed assets at a point in time.


For More Information Contact

Central Office – Financial Services

Samantha Berhorst at samantha.berhorst@modot.mo.gov or 573-522-1198.