Pavement Repair Areas Photo- Photo Linked with Google Earth

Submitted by: Southwest District 

Innovation Description and Benefit:

This innovation provides a way to give accurate locations, stamped on photos, of potential pavement repair areas. The photos have the time/ date and the GPS location printed them. This will allow someone to take the photo and enter the Latitude and Longitude to locate the potential repair with ease. The photos use Google Earth and can be used with place markers connecting the photos to Google Earth. The GPS location on the photo allow the place markers to be placed accurately in Google Earth which helps in creating the KMZ for each county. The KMZ files are then exported to the computers and uploaded to eProjects folders for the project. This also allows an open line of communication between the team members to ensure that locations were correct.

Saves time and money with limited in person core team and limited number of field trips. Also gives a more accurate location for the core team to use when reviewing. Simplifies work by allowing core team members to check location against work plans and construction programs.


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