Signal and Lighting Apprenticeship

Submitted by: St. Louis District 

Innovation Description and Benefit:

This innovation is an in-house apprenticeship program specifically tailored to train and develop MoDOT employees to compete for future career opportunities in the Traffic Signal and Lighting Technician series. This program will create more career development opportunities for MoDOT employees while increasing the number of applicants for the Traffic Signal and Lighting Technician positions that perform critical functions for our department and those we serve.

An Organizational Development Assessment and Succession Plan revealed the Traffic Signal and Lighting Technician position took approximately 50 days to fill, which is 10-20% higher than the average time of 41 days to fill a typical government position. MoDOT continues to experience turnover and difficulty staffing these positions. By training current employees, we reduce our time to fill these positions and reduce turnover costs.

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St. Louis District - Maintenance 

James Henson at or 636-591-8749.