Counties Impacted
St. Louis
Project Status
Planning Phase
Route Impacted
U.S. Route 67

Project timeline

Preliminary plans

Engineers evaluate the situation and determine the best option for the project.

Public Meeting

MoDOT shares its initial plans with the public during a virtual meeting to inform the public about the project and potential impacts. 

Not Started
Right of Way process starts

The department will negotiate with impacted property owners for necessary right of way and temporary property easements. This should start in summer 2021.

Not Started
Project awarded

Once the necessary right of way  and easements have been obtained, the project will go through the normal award process for the department. Currently scheduled for spring 2023.

Not Started
Construction begins

Construction begins on the project.  Currently this is scheduled for late spring 2023.

Not Started
Deer Creek Bridge closes

The department will complete close Lindbergh in both directions at Deer Creek to remove and replace the bridge.  This should start just after Memorial Day 2024 and be complete by September 2024.

Not Started
Construction complete

Work should be complete in late 2024.


What is the current situation?

The Missouri Department of Transportation has a two-year project scheduled  for U.S. Route 61/67 (Lindbergh Boulevard) between Swan and Route D (Page Avenue) starting in 2023.  During that project, the department will be resurfacing the roadway as well as making updates  to the roadway’s pedestrian facilities. All existing sidewalks and crosswalks need to be updated to be meet current Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. There are some sections of sidewalk that are being connected, as well.  In addition, many of the signals along the corridor will be updated.  During this project, the department also needs to replace the bridge at Deer Creek, which has reached the end of its useful life.


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What improvements are being made?

The department is updating sidewalks along the corridor to meet Americans with Disabilities act requirements. In addition, the department is updating many of the pedestrian signals along the corridor to make them compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. In addition, the department is replacing the bridge at Deer Creek, just south of the German Boulevard/Conway Road light.

After comments from the public meeting, MoDOT made several changes to the plans shown above:

  • Changed the detour from I-270 to I-170.
  • Made changes to Schuetz and Lindbergh to tie into an existing sidewalk, replaced the southbound island and upgraded signals and pushbuttons
  • Removed plans to replace sidewalk and entrance on property just north of Sunswept Drive as property developer will replace both.
  • Removing and not replacing the raised asphalt shoulder wfrom Monsanto drive to N Tealwood Dr. Sidewalk is no longer needed here.
  • Removed some median barrier at Clayton to extend the turn lane.
  • Removed raised median barriers at Plaza Frontenac and Library to add an offset left.
  • Removed and replaced traffic signal at Plaza Frontenac and Library.
  • Upgrading guardrail at bridge north of Hunleigh Forest Dr.
  • Altered raised median at north side of Manchester intersection to allow for wider sidewalks in the NB lane of 67.
  • Moved location of bus stop in front of CVS at Manchester to the south to fit within our ROW (could not obtain an easement from property owner)

What are the impacts from the project?

For the most part, impacts during the construction should be relatively minimal. There will be a three month full closure, probably in the summer of 2024, to replace the bridge at Deer Creek. This closure will avoid an upcoming project on I-270 at Conway Road to provide an alternative for drivers avoiding congestion there.

Sections of sidewalks will be closed for periods as crews work on the updates.  Drivers can also expect one lane closed in either during non-peak traffic hours while signals and sidewalks are updated. 

Business owners with multiple driveways will have at least one access point into their business at all times through construction. Crews will work on half of the access point at a time when there is only one entrance/exit from a business.  Residential driveways are too small to complete half at a time – driveways will need to be closed for several days when they are being worked on.  We anticipate that the contractor will be able to share a general timeframe when they anticipate being in the area -- probably about a week or two in advance.

Did MoDOT consider working on half the Deer Creek bridge at a time?

The department did consider staging the bridge replacement at Deer Creek.  Doing the bridge half at a time would significantly increase the amount of time that traffic will be impacted.  By closing the bridge over the summer, the department can help avoid most of the school traffic and take advantage of the lower summer traffic volumes.  Doing the bridge half at a time would impact school traffic and would lengthen the time this area is congested.

Are bike facilities included in this project?

Since traffic volumes along Lindbergh Boulevard along this stretch are fairly high, Lindbergh will remain signed to remind drivers to share the road with cyclists.


What is the timeline?



Preliminary plans


Public Meeting


Right of Way process starts

Summer 2021

Project awarded

Early spring 2023

Construction begins

Spring 2023

Deer Creek bridge closure

Summer 2024

Construction complete

Late fall 2024