TMA Crashes and Associated Employee Injuries -1h

The ultimate goal is zero fatalities.

While the ultimate goal is to eliminate work zone crashes, the goal for this measure is to reduce the number of truck-mounted attenuator hits below the previous 4-year average.

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Write Up:

While the ultimate goal is to eliminate work zone crashes, the goal for this measure is to reduce the number of protective vehicle/truck-mounted attenuator crashes below the previous four-year average. In the fourth quarter of 2020, MoDOT had seven reported protective vehicle crashes. The number of crashes in 2020 is more than one and a half times higher than the four-year average. These crashes can be less than $100 in damage to the TMA, but in most cases a new TMA costing approximately $40,000 is required. This does not include staff time, truck damage, lost wages or medical bills. This quarter, one employee in a TMA crash sought medical attention. Truck mounted attenuator crashes this quarter all happened during the day, predominately in urban areas. Operations in which crashes occurred include three sweeping, three pothole patching and one litter pickup. During calendar year 2020, MoDOT TMA crashes are 1.65 times higher than the four-year average.

Purpose of the Measure:

MoDOT owns more than 300 truck or trailer mounted attenuators that are used to save lives by absorbing the impact of a crash in a work zone. By measuring the number of TMA/Protective vehicle hits, MoDOT is able to identify higher risk activities that could result in a crash and share this information to develop strategies to eliminate work zone crashes. 

Measurement and Data Collection:

When a TMA incident occurs, a claim report is completed. The claim reports and any associated police reports are collected by Risk Management Technicians for review and interpretation. Only incidents where the TMA was involved are included in this data. This measure is reported based on quarters of a calendar year.