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Preventing incidents from occurring and learning from the ones that do occur are both vital safety issues.

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To be effective, any safety and health program needs the meaningful participation of its employees. They have much to gain from a successful program and the most to lose if the program fails. 

Employees often know the most about potential hazards associated with their jobs. Additionally, involvement breeds acceptance because employees support what they help create. Proactive measures such as Behavior Based Safety Observations and Good Catches are positive things employees can do rather than negative outcomes they should avoid. 

Safety happens before an incident, and this measure gives employees the goal of elimination before mitigation. Conversely, learning from mistakes is vital to a safety program. Near-miss reporting is another piece of the puzzle that allows the department to continue the vision of zero injuries. 

The department experienced a 33% increase in employee participation in observations, near-miss and good-catch reporting for the first three quarters of 2023 compared to 2022.

Purpose of the Measure:

This measure shows how involved MoDOT employees are in the department’s safety program by tracking BBS observations, near-misses and Good-Catches. This leading indicator shows trends and recognizes employees practicing good hazard recognition.

Measurement and Data Collection:

Employee involvement measure uses observation, near-miss and good-catch data that is submitted by MoDOT employees.

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