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The ultimate goal is zero fatalities.

In 2021, there was an increase in the number of fatalities for vulnerable roadway users.   Pedestrian and bicycle fatalities decreased by 8% and 2% respectively, however motorcycle fatalities increased by 34%.  

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In 2022, there was an increase in the number of fatalities for vulnerable roadway users.  Pedestrian and bicycle fatalities increased by 14% and 43% respectively, however motorcycle fatalities decreased by 3%.  

All age groups were represented evenly, from age 17 to 79. All districts were represented as well, with rural districts having about 60% of the fatalities. Of the 153 motorcycle fatalities, 82 were not wearing a helmet or non-DOT helmet.   

Pedestrian fatalities occurred in every month and on every type of roadway. There were 21 fatalities on interstate highways, four of those occurred in January, although the remaining were spread throughout the year. Sixty-five percent of the fatalities on interstates were in the St. Louis and Kansas City district, with the remaining in Northeast, Southeast, Central and Southwest Districts. Pedestrians in their 30s, 40s and 50s represented the highest numbers of fatalities. Of the 134 pedestrian fatalities, 57 were in St. Louis.                                                 
Of the 10 cyclists who died on Missouri roadways, four were in the Southwest District and the remaining were in Kansas City, St. Louis, Northeast and the Southeast Districts. Nine of the 10 riders were not wearing helmets and six were male. Four fatalities occurred in the month of July, two occurred in April and August with one fatality each in September and October.                               

The focus area seems to be targeting pedestrians to walk safely in St. Louis and Kansas City and to stay in their vehicles after crashes or breakdowns on the interstate.  An additional focus area is targeting motorcyclists and urging them to wear DOT compliant helmets when riding. The remaining target would be to urge cyclists in Kansas City and Central District to wear helmets and follow road user rules when biking.


The vulnerable roadway user measure tracks annual trends in fatalities of motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists. These roadway users are at risk for death when involved in a motor-vehicle-related crash.

Measurement and Data Collection:

Missouri law enforcement agencies submit a vehicle accident report form to the Missouri State Highway Patrol to be entered into a statewide traffic crash database. The database automatically updates MoDOT’s crash database system, which is part of the Transportation Management System.

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