Work Zone Crash Reporting Form

Submitted by: Southwest District 

Innovation Description and Benefit:

The Work Zone Crash Reporting Form is a fillable form that can be accessed on SharePoint. It allows employees to report crashes that occur in MoDOT work zones. The form allows the individual to report the department over the work zone, contact information, location, pertinent information, pictures/videos, allows for tracking Truck Mounted Attenuator hits, and if a fatality occurred. This information is then saved in SharePoint and added to a list of crashes that can be referenced later, if needed. The form also automatically sends an email to all the people that need to be notified. This form is a valuable tool and ties in with TRACKER Measure 1b – Number of Fatalities in Work Zones by providing crash facts to the district.

The form makes documenting the work zone crash quick and easy. It also saves all the records in one location in an organized table that can be filtered, saving time if the information is needed in the future. Also, the form is located in one location on SharePoint that allows quick, easy access.  This innovation also makes it very easy to track TMA hits, and fatalities, key metrics important to MoDOT. In addition, it’s an organized way of tracking Construction, Maintenance, and Traffic WZ crashes.

For More Information Contact

Southwest District –Construction and Materials    

Matt Koppitz at or 417-830-8440.