Collaborative Project Storage System

Submitted by: St. Louis District 

Innovation Description and Benefit:

e-Builder is a cloud-based end-to-end construction software that manages the entire life cycle of a project. It automates information handoffs between designers, contractors, consultants, and owners through a workflow engine that transforms manual and paper-based processes to digital. This significantly increases performance and processes. The I-270 North e-Builder software was built specifically for us with e-Builder staff and caters to the storage and processes we need for our project and MoDOT.

e‐Builder saves time, saves money, and simplifies work by combining all aspects of project management into one understandable streamlined location. This is a one stop shop and real time tracking for design reviews, schedules, construction activities, materials, estimates, change orders, as‐builts, utilities, data trends, reports, quality, alerts, invoices, audits, etc. With one location, there is no difficulty with trying to force multiple programs to work together for the design‐build project delivery format. Anyone can access it from anywhere; internal and external users; MoDOT network not required.

For More Information Contact

St. Louis District – Design

Schuyler Noeth at or 314-453-1821.