Pothole CPR

Submitted by: Kansas City District

Innovation Description and Benefit:


Pothole CPR (Customer Proactive Reporting) is a tool developed by KC Scout and supported by MoDOT KC Maintenance that allows our customers to quickly and accurately report any pavement conditions that need immediate attention. This innovation utilizes the popular GPS traveling/crowdsourcing app, WAZE™. With voice commands or one click of a button on the WAZE™ mobile app, this vital customer identified information is captured by KC Scout software. All the locations reported are collected over a 24-hour period and sent daily to MoDOT Maintenance via call reports. The call report not only contains detailed location information but also includes a Google Earth map file pinpointing the location of each pothole in graphical representation with both high level and zoomed-in views. 


For More Information Contact

Kansas City District – Highway Safety and Traffic  

Randy Johnson at randy.johnson@modot.mo.gov or 816-347-2200.