DRIVE Program

Submitted by: Central Office 

Innovation Description and Benefit:

To address turnover in the MCS Division, the DRIVE program was developed to expand Motor Carrier Services agents’ overall program knowledge, help level the workload during cyclical busy periods, retain institutional knowledge otherwise lost due to turnover and create a more agile workforce. DRIVE’s acronym states its goals: Development of staff, Retention of both staff and staff knowledge, Involvement of staff in multiple program areas, Variety in work tasks and Efficiency.  

The DRIVE program’s emphasis on expanded knowledge results in an employee handling all  customer’s concerns in one, quicker call more often. There are fewer siloed experts and those who are at an expert level are able to complete tasks with fewer interruptions. Because phone conversations are shorter, the time spent on hold waiting to speak to an agent is also shorter. Customers also receive consistent guidance and improved technical assistance. Creating a culture in which knowledge is valued and freely shared reduces time, stress and frustration. Already, agents demonstrate increased competence and confidence. It is MCS’ hope that this shift makes for a more fulfilling work life, resulting in lower turnover and higher productivity.

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