5% Increased Federal Share

Submitted by: St. Louis District 

Innovation Description and Benefit:

An exciting opportunity for MoDOT to increase Federal reimbursement of NHPP, STBG and PL funded projects from 80% to 85%. This opportunity also allows for MoDOT to incorporate innovative delivery methods, construction materials, and techniques that will not only reduce future maintenance costs, but also delay future replacement frequencies. This innovation utilizes all innovative methods, materials and techniques to capture significant financial savings.

This innovative program has directly saved the State of Missouri $16.8M in the 2021 fiscal year through the Increased Federal Share on $340M worth of work. Of the $340M worth of projects, this program drove innovative methods that otherwise may not have happened. Innovations such as polyester concrete and intelligent compaction saved time by reducing the amount of maintenance needed on our system post construction, allowing our thinly stretched crews to focus on other necessary tasks. We are escalating this program to a statewide level to further drive innovation within the department and overall bettering the department, its assets, and its customers. While this program has directly saved $16.8 million, the amount saved indirectly is unmeasurable.

For More Information Contact

St. Louis District – Design  

Glenn Konersmann at glenn.konersmann@modot.mo.gov or 314-453-5088.