iCone – Intelligent Arrow Board

Submitted by: Southwest District 

Innovation Description and Benefit:

iCONE gives drivers a warning that there is a lane shift or hazard ahead. It connects with popular navigation software such as Waze, Google Maps, and more to keep motorists informed of upcoming hazards and traffic changes by alerting drivers/passengers real-time before they reach the work zone. The system also has a website that MoDOT employees can log into—it gives latitude / longitude location of the arrow board, the current function (merge left for example), real time battery charge, and location on an aerial map. The iCone website also allows MoDOT employees to check when iCone is active and when iCone is not active, how long iCone has been active for a specific location. This helps Transportation Management Centers (TMCs) operators to be aware of active work zones without relying on field crews to call in.

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Southwest District – Maintenance 

Darin Hamelink at darin.hamelink@modot.mo.gov or 417-766-3238