Trailer Mounted Herbicide Rack

Submitted by: Northeast District

Innovation Description and Benefit:

The Trailer Mounted Herbicide Rack is a different version of the original Herbicide Rack Innovation.  This was custom built to mount and function inside the Invasive Species Strike Team trailers.  The racks were designed to safely hold two separate 5-gallon herbicide totes each on three different levels.  Each set of herbicide racks can independently rotate and lock into four different pre-determined settings with the simple pull of a heavy-duty spring-locking pin mechanism.  This allows the applicator to tilt the totes down, dispense herbicide, and tilt the totes back up with very little effort.  The racks can easily be loaded and unloaded with the 5-gallon totes via a hinged steel strap that folds over both totes and secures them in place with a spring-type snap-over pin.  A dual ball-valve system is used on the herbicide totes for an accurate and precise delivery of herbicide every time.  Another benefit to note on this innovation is that since the Herbicide Rack is contained inside the Invasive Species Strike Team trailer, any MODOT truck available can hook up to the trailer and use it without having to move herbicides between tow vehicles. 

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