Strike Team Spraying Enhancements

Submitted by: Northeast District

Innovation Description and Benefit:

The Strike Team Spraying Enhancements involve several different modifications all rolled into one. We modified several aspects of the Strike Team UTV itself to help make it safer and more efficient for our operators.  First of all, we added support brackets below the injector mounting brackets to firm up the mounting of the injectors.  This prevents vibration damage to the sprayer tank and the injectors themselves.  Next, we added a rear facing backup camera with a center-mounted display in the cab and a custom fabricated bracket.  This carries the camera just below the roof line for added rear visibility. We also modified the hose reel at the rear of the sprayer to face to the right side of the machine instead of to the back for ease of use.  Finally, we modified the 2.5-gallon triple-injection tank holder to eliminate the problematic rubber strap holders and alleviate problems with injector tank valve vibration over rough terrain.        

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Brett Griffith at or 660-501-0646.