Cinder Bed Walk Board

Submitted by: Central District

Innovation Description and Benefit:

We often do major overhaul and structural repair on the district's cinder beds. This is very demanding work that requires us to be on the inside of the beds. Our team is always looking out for ways to make our jobs safer and more efficient, and we believe this innovation will do that both for us and all of MoDOT. Working in the back of a cinder bed is a struggle. There is minimal footing space which often leads to awkwardly wielding tools and materials such as welders, grinders, and heavy steel beams. Slipping down the harsh angles of the bed walls and dropping tools is also a constant problem. We designed a lightweight aluminum walk board that is both convenient and sturdy to serve as a safe working surface. This walk board extends between the sides of V-beds and at a three-foot length it actually increases the footing space width by over 12 feet. This drastically reduces the moments of awkward bending, twisting, and stretching while finding the easiest body positions. More comfortable footing space means less muscle and ankle strain. The walk board is a very useful tool that improves safety and efficiency by lessening the risk of trip/fall hazards and injuries. 

For More Information Contact

Central District - Maintenance 

Bryan Hentges at or 573-291-4672.