Geomelt Tank Sight Gauge

Submitted by: Central District

Innovation Description and Benefit:

We came up with a sight gauge that we can use to measure the level of geomelt in our 10,000 gallon bulk storage tanks. This is a single gauge setup with valving that is able measure multiple tanks. The tanks are so opaque that it is near impossible to see the level of Geomelt in them. To be able to get an accurate measurement for inventory after every winter event, employees had to use a ladder to climb to the top of the tank which was upwards of 20 feet off the ground. Most often, the totals of Geomelt on hand were needed after a winter event meaning there was often snow/ice in the containment. This was a major safety hazard having to use a ladder in slick conditions let alone climbing the ladder itself. Using this sight gauge also saves time by allowing you to simply turn a couple valves to give you the measurements in the multiple tanks within a few seconds.

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