T & T Bar

Submitted by: Southeast District

Innovation Description and Benefit:

The T&T bar is made for one or two people to position signs to face traffic and support them in certain areas. This eliminates the need to pull the sign and reposition it in certain situations, which is quicker and safer than using a truck. The T&T Bar is actually three tools in one so you can twist the sign post back to the proper position and then tamp the base back down to sturdy the sign and it also has a pry bar attachment on the end and the Easy Pull is easily slid over the post to pull it from the ground. It improves safety by reducing the time on the roadside by only taking a few minutes to straighten a sign post rather than having to pull it and redrive one. 

For More Information Contact

Southeast District - Maintenance 

Joby Sanders at Joby.Sanders@modot.mo.gov or 573-300-9299.