Hands Free Bag Holder

Submitted by: Southwest District

Innovation Description and Benefit:

The Hands Free Bag Holder was created to help simplify picking up trash along the roadways.  This is easily made with supplies you most likely have laying around the shed: a 5-gallon bucket, bungee rope, and finally a rubber chain holder. Cut off 3-5 inches of the top part of the bucket and then drill two holes into the piece you cut off that your bungee rope can run through.  Adjust the bungee rope to best fit the person who will be carrying it.  Finally, you can place your trash bag and secure it open with the rubber chain holder.  This allows for you to easily pick up trash and dispose of it without fighting to keep your bag open.  

For More Information Contact

Southwest District - Maintenance 

Erik Casas at Erik.Casa@modot.mo.gov or 417-342-1088.