On The Job Training/Contract Compliance

On the Job Training Program

Training and upgrading of minorities and women to journey status is a primary objective of the On The Job training requirement.

The OJT Program is mandated by the United States Department of Transportation. The OJT Program requires MoDOT to set a trainee goal on each Federally Funded Project.

MoDOT assigns training requirements on contracts that are Federally Funded, and that meet the criteria to have a trainee requirement.

Training requirements are assigned in slots, consisting of 1000 trainee hours per slot. The contractor is contractually required to meet the training requirement or show that they made a good faith effort to do so.

Trainee Notification (OJT-1)

Contractor Monthly Trainee Report (OJT-2)

Trainee Completion Report (OJT-3)

Trainee Contact (OJT-4) 

Trainee Discrimination Complaint (OJT-5)

Training Summary (OJT-6)

OJT Training Special Provision (effective 04-15-2022)

OJT Training Special Provision LPA Contract Version (effective 11-22-2021)

Contract Compliance Program

FHWA requires that all federal aid highway construction contracts include specific EEO requirements. In addition, all subcontracts and purchase orders exceeding $10,000, not including contracts for supplying materials, must include the same requirements. This is accomplished by the inclusion or attachment of the federal aid special provisions. Those provisions include:

(a) The contractor shall notify the resident engineer, in writing, of the name, address and telephone number of the contractor's EEO and DBE liaison officers.

(b) The contractor shall require each subcontractor, with a subcontract exceeding $10,000, or subcontracts on federally-assisted projects in any 12-month period which have, or can reasonably be expected to have, an aggregate total value exceeding $10,000.00 41 CFR 60-1.5(a)(1) to notify the resident engineer, in writing, of the name, address and telephone number of the subcontractor's EEO officer at the time the subcontract is submitted for approval.

(c) The contractor shall physically attach a copy of the following documents to the subcontractor's copy of each subcontract exceeding $10,000:

(1) Executive Order 11246 - Under Section 303 of Executive Order 11246, only Department of Labor has the authority to determine compliance with EO 11246 and its implementing regulations.  The FHWA and MoDOT do not have independent authority to determine compliance with EO 11246, 41 CFR Chapter 60, or the minority and female participation goals established by OFCCP, pursuant to 41 CFR Chapter 60.  However, MoDOT and FHWA have responsibility to ensure that recipients of federal-aid funds include the required contractual language relating to equal employment opportunity, as set forth in 41 CFR Parts 60-1 and 60-4. Special Provisions

(2) "Standard Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Construction Contract Specifications,

(3) Form FHWA 1273 (Required Contract Provisions Federal-Aid Construction Contracts). 1273

Employment Data Reports

FHWA 1391 Reporting Instructions (2023)

FHWA 1391 Project Specific form/reports due August 18, 2023; reports employment data for each individual MoDOT federal-aid worked on the last full week of July.  Contractor may be required to complete more than one report depending on the number of jobs they worked on during the reporting period.

Specific Eligibility Requirements for 49 CFR Part 26

FHWA 1391 Sublist Report due August 4, 2023.

Resource Manual (Revision Date 2023) (pdf)

Recruitment Source Listing

Required Bulletin Board Postings (Federal-Aid Projects)

Contractor Forms

Bulletin Board Checklist