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What is Supportive Services?

The Missouri Department of Transportation's Supportive Services program is the flagship program of the External Civil Rights Division designed to assist DBE firms in the development of capability and capacity and be better positioned to successfully bid on MoDOT projects.

Supportive Services offers the following programs:

Entrepreneurship Training Program

The Entrepreneurship Training Program demonstrates MoDOT’s commitment to supporting DBE firms in Missouri.  Based on Kauffman FastTrac® Entrepreneurship Program for GrowthVenture®, the program encourages success by providing direction for growth, capacity expansion, and diversification.

Over the course of 10-classes, you will become an active participant in a program designed for entrepreneurs just like you.  The program creates a framework for improving the performance and growing your company. 

Learn How To…

  • Avoid cash flow problems and fund your firm’s growth
  • Make critical decisions about business vision and strategy
  • Investigate and analyze next-stage growth and opportunities
  • Improve operational efficiency within your organization
  • Determine if you have the right people in place for the future
  • Develop a business strategy to move forward at your pace
  • Create, build, and hold a strong, competitive market position
  • Lead with clarity while building a sustainable management

Classes begin every January. 


Entrepreneurship Training Program Graduates

Business Coaching Program

DBE Supportive Services provides coaching and technical assistance to firms in areas that will enhance their abilities to work on MoDOT projects. 

The program utilizes coaches for one-on-one sessions, including successful DBE firms with contracting experience, professional business coaches and advisors, and retired professionals. 

Specific areas of assistance are identified based on a comprehensive evaluation of DBE needs and may include:

  • Accounting
  • Bidding
  • Bonding
  • Business Law
  • Business software
  • Collaboration
  • Estimating
  • Financial
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Project Management

DBE Seminars and Outreach

MoDOTregularly hosts seminars and networking opportunities for DBE firms in Missouri.  These events provide firms opportunities for learning that support DBE growth, capacity expansion and diversification while also providing a time to meet and network with fellow DBE firms, MoDOT staff and prime contractors.  Seminars are conducted throughout the state.  Be sure to check your email for invitations to upcoming MoDOT DBE Seminars.

North American Industry Classification (NAICS) Expansion Program

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise owners are certified to do certain types of work for prime contractors. This "scope of work," based on what types of work the DBE owner has the capability and capacity to do, is classified using the North American Industry Classification System.  Just like any other business, DBE owners have the opportunity to expand, grow and develop their business and increase their "scope of work."

Using the NAICS Expansion Program, DBE contractors are allowed to perform work outside of their certification codes but within their abilities, to gain the experience, skills and expertise needed to expand their certification.

If the DBE performs the additional type of work successfully on several contracts, the Missouri Regional Certification Committee* will review and upgrade the DBE's certification "scope of work" to include the expanded classification for additional types of work.

Until the certification scope of work is approved and expanded by the MRCC, DBE participation in work outside of their current classification cannot be counted toward a prime contractors’ goal for DBE participation. MoDOT will, however, count participation in classification expansion by certified DBEs as a good faith effort by the prime contractor toward meeting participation goals.

* The Missouri Regional Certification Committee is made up of the Missouri Department of Transportation, St. Louis Lambert Airport Authority, the City of Kansas City, Kansas City Transportation Authority and Metro, as well as others.

NAICS Code Expansion Form

How do I contact Supportive Services?

Eastern Region, serving the St. Louis Metro area, Northeast and Southeast Missouri:

External Civil Rights St. Louis Office

1590 Woodlake Drive

Chesterfield, MO 63017

Phone: (314) 453-1877



DBE Supportive Services Consultant:

Philips & Associates, Inc.

930 Kehrs Mills Road, Suite 325-17

Ballwin, MO 63011 

Phone: (314) 497-6746


Western Region, serving the Kansas City Metro area, Northwest and Southwest Missouri:

External Civil Rights Kansas City Office

600 NE Colbern Road 

Lees Summit, MO 64086 

Phone: (816) 607-2161



DBE Supportive Services Consultant:

Bellewether, Ltd.

PO Box 287

Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

Phone: (816) 554-9400